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What's UP?! - Workshops 2016:

Getting into Action - Refugees Welcome!

In July 2016 a series of workshops for 11th grade English courses was offered to pupils from schools in/ around Potsdam.

University teacheer students developed some interesting workshops around the topic. Thus, the pupils got a chance to exchange their ideas about how to connect with refugees, discussed benefits as well as challenges and as a result, were able to plan impressive projects.

See the PDF-flyer for details about the programme.

What's UP?! - Workshops 2015

Writing a crime story, shooting a film or speaking up for your rights – in English!
In June 2015, the TEFL department of the University of Potsdam (UP) was offering several
workshops for pupils: speakUP // writeUP // shootUP.

Find more information in our flyer.