Academic Essays (Modularbeiten)


Student papers (Modularbeiten) need a focus on a relevant topic of EFL teaching and learning. It is recommended to choose a topic you have encountered in one of your seminars and to ask the seminar’s lecturer to supervise and mark your term paper. Do not forget to hand in a statement of originality (Eigenständigkeitserklärung) and make sure you stick to the rules of our "Guidelines for Submitting Papers and Theses in English Linguistics and TEFL ".

Before you register?

Before you register, hand in a short abstract (max. 1 page) explaining the concept of your term paper to your supervisor. This abstract has to include

  • the problem you want to encounter,
  • the question you want to answer,
  • the goal of the paper,
  • a short outline of how you want to deal with the topic and
  • a list of references you may or will use.

At this point you should be well-read in your special subject. This abstract will then serve as a basis for a consultation with your supervisor. The abstract and the consultation are obligatory.

If you need further assistance, you might contact the university's "Schreibberatung".

When to register? 

Winter semester: 15.10. - 15.02.

Summer semester: 15.04. - 15.08. 

For registration please contact one of the TEFL lecturers during their office hours. Please check the research and teaching interests of the lecturers before registration and be prepared to present a first idea. Please note that we can not assure the supervision of your paper if you register or hand in later than the given deadlines. 


When to hand in? 

winter semester: until 28th February

summer semester: until 30th August


Where to hand in? 

Please hand in your paper as pdf file via email to your supervisor and as printed version by post to the secretary's office (Frau Heinze),  including a signed  statement of originality. (Please, no scan of your signature in the printed version!)

Please note that we will not send you a confirmation for handing in your term paper, so please refrain from asking for a confirmation via email. If you want to make sure your term paper is registered, you need to hand in the term paper in person with Frau Heinze, who will note down the date on your paper.