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  • Research Center Earth Science

Get to know:
Sergey Lobanov received Helmholtz Young Investigator Group Leaders Award

Sergey Lobanov received official confirmation from the Helmholtz Association this week that he has won the competition for the Helmholtz Young Investigator Group Leaders award.

Highlights from the Research Focus Earth Science

Layer by layer

Geologists research sedimentary basin formation in the Andes


Quite Warm, Quite Cold

Geomicrobiologist Dirk Wagner researches the smallest lifeforms in extreme environments


“You can do more with Legos”

A practical course with Martin Trauth is packed with high-tech: infrared and ultrasound sensors, gyroscopes, magnetometers, multispectral cameras – and Leg


Nature Conservation from Space

Satellites orbiting our planet at altitudes of hundreds to a thousand kilometers are continuously collecting detailed data on the earth's surface.