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Housing in Potsdam

Source: pixabay.com Photographer: Kai_Vogel
Panoramic view of Potsdam

In the last five years, rental prices have been rising by more than 40% in both cities Potsdam and Berlin. To give you a rough orientation:

  • furnished room in a shared apartment from € 450
  • furnished studio from € 550
  • furnished two room flat from € 800 (for max. 2 adults and one young child)
  • furnished three room flat from € 1000 (for families of 3+)

We recommend that you deal with accommodations in a timely manner and that you also consider accommodation in the surroundings of Potsdam.

If you rent an apartment or a room, you must pay a rental deposit to your landlord. A deposit typically amounts to between two and three months' rent.

Caution! Do not transfer any money for a deposit etc. if you have not yet signed a contract or have not yet seen the apartment. This applies particularly to money transfers abroad. There are currently scammers on the market who want to make money from unaware apartment-seekers. If you have any doubts, please contact the Welcome Center Potsdam.