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Ukraine war | Information for affected third country nationals

People who had to flee Ukraine are allowed to enter Germany without a visa. This applies both to Ukrainian citizens and to people of other nationalities who were in Ukraine on 24 February 2022 and fled. This applies throughout Germany, initially until 23 May 2022. Provided you do not want to work or need assistance (such as medical care or social benefits), you do not have to register or apply for a residence permit until August 31.

Ukrainian citizens who have fled Ukraine can be recognized in a simplified procedure as war refugees according to § 24 AufenthG. This also applies to third-country nationals who have fled Ukraine, if they either have a permanent right of residence in Ukraine or are at risk in their home country. This means: You will receive a right of residence for an initial period of one year, may work, study and you will be entitled to social benefits (financial support, medical care, accommodation).
For this purpose, registration with the immigration office of your current place of residence is necessary.

  • If you already have a permanent accommodation in Berlin: Registration LEA Berlin
  • If you are currently in Berlin but do not have permanent housing there: Registration LAF Berlin (you will be distributed throughout Germany according to a quota system)
  • If you are currently in Potsdam and have permanent housing there: Please send an email with your contact information to auslaenderbehoerde-ukrainerathaus.potsdamde                                 

You do not need to apply for asylum.

Informationen for Potsdam

Informationen for Berlin

Have you received an invitation from the University of Potsdam or one of its extramural institutions, and would like to know whether you need a visa for your time in Germany, and, if so, which one?

For an initial overview, please check the information given below and the visa navigator of the Federal Foreign Office

If you have questions, we will be happy to provide you with individual information!

Brexit Information for British Citizens 

British citizens require proof of their right of residence in Germany. This applies both to British citizens already living in Germany and to British citizens planning a longer-term stay in Germany.

British citizens may continue to enter Germany without a visa. For stays of more than three months, a residence permit must be applied for within the first 90 days of the stay at the foreigners authority responsible for the place of residence. It is important to note that you may not take up employment until you have been granted a residence permit that expressly permits this employment. To do this, contact the foreigners authority responsible for your place of residence directly.

Immigration Office Potsdam: auslaenderbehoerderathaus.potsdamde

Immigration Office Berlin: Online registration for British nationals

We advise British nationals to obtain regular information from the German Embassy in London, the British Embassy in Berlin, and the relevant immigration offices in Potsdam and Berlin.