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Auditors & Visiting Students

Auditors (Gasthörer)

If you are not registered at a university and you are not working towards a formal degree, but you would like to sit in on classes (a maximum of 8 hours per week per semester), you may register as an auditor at the University of Potsdam. You can apply to be an auditor at the Office of Student Affairs at the beginning of the semester.

To sit in on a course, auditors need the instructor’s permission, and they must pay an auditor fee. You may not earn credit as an auditor. Thus, audited courses may not count towards a degree.

Further information can be found in this Application Form (PDF, 115 KB).

Visiting Student (Nebenhörer)

If you are earning a degree at another university and you are interested in taking supplemental courses at the University of Potsdam (e.g. because your home university does not offer them), you can apply to become a visiting student.

Please note that not all degree programs can guarantee spots for visiting students. This applies especially to programs with high enrollment numbers, where seats might be limited in order to allow University of Potsdam students to enroll in these courses. To become a visiting student and to enroll in the desired class, you must fulfill the prerequisites (qualifications) stated in the Course Regulations. Visiting students can earn credits, and they may take exams but they are not legally entitled to be admitted to exams.

Visiting student status must be renewed every semester. This must be done in the Office of Student Affairs no later than 4 weeks after the beginning of classes.

Further information can be found in this Application Form (PDF, 113 KB).