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Offerings for PhD candidates

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Travel costs

Grants covering travel costs and participation fees for presenting your research results at academic events.

Publication costs

Financial support for publications related to your dissertation.


Professional proofreading of English-language papers by our language coach.

Conference organization

Financial grants for the self-organized organization of scientific events.

Financing student assistant

Financial support for a student assistant to support the own scientific work.


Full-time and final-year scholarships provided by the State Graduate Scholarship Program.

Professional support for evaluating your career plans and deciding on your next career steps and possible re-orientation.




Interdisciplinary supplementary qualification programs. From presentation skills to statistics, all the way to writing skills.

P(eer)hd support

Peer support in the form of a Success Team and extracurricular workshops for a successful start towards the PhD.

Mentoring Plus

Supporting the career paths of young researchers. Individual and praxis-oriented support for new careers, promotions and career changes.

Junior Teaching Professionals

Certification program in academic teaching. Workshops, advising and peer support for perfecting your teaching skills.

International Teaching Professionals

The English-language certification program addresses internationally oriented early-stage researchers who want to improve their teaching skills in academia.

Data Science & KI

AI basics for your own research. Workshops, asynchronous self-learning sessions, and lectures for hands-on work with big data and machine learning programming.

Leadership Skills for Transformation

The iterative, agile program based on Scrum and Kanban aims to directly experience and deals with the most important leadership competencies for digital transformation.

Science Communication

Strengthen your communication skills for media, society and politics.

Discover your professional and career-related strengths and weaknesses, reflect on your personal competence areas and estimate your individual development potential.



Career Talks

First-hand information on different career fields. Experts report on their personal experience as well as the requirements and development opportunities in their fields.

Science Club

Club atmosphere above the rooftops of Potsdam. Meet other PoGS members and finish the day with a happy-hour drink, friendly conversations and a view over Potsdam.

Spot on PoGS Community

The annual celebration for our PoGS community.

Welcome Event

The PoGS invites all new PhD candidates and postdocs to get to know the University of Potsdam and the PoGS.

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