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Final theses


If you would like to write your thesis at the Chair of International Relations, please urgently read and follow the instructions and information provided here.

  1. Your field of interest must overlap with the research and teaching area of the Chair in order to ensure optimal supervision. Please follow the instructions for finding a topic. 
  2. You are studying in one of our supervised programs at the University of Potsdam.
  3. The general requirements for registering your thesis must be met. Please check the study and examination regulations that apply to you.
  4. You have attended and successfully completed at least one (in-depth) seminar from our teaching program.
  5. You have submitted your supervision request and the associated documents electronically to us in due time during the period relevant to you (please refer to the website of the examination office of Social Sciences for the official deadlines). 


Registration deadlines

How do I register for the final exam?

Who can supervise my thesis?

Which study programs are supervised by the professorship?

What are the basic requirements for my thesis?

What criteria will be applied in the evaluation of my thesis?