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Hon. Prof. Dr. Charlotte Streck

Profilfoto Charlotte Streck

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Section Political and Administrative Science

    Charlotte Streck holds a Masters of Biology from the University of Regensburg and a PhD in law from Humboldt University in Berlin. Since 2013, she is teaching various aspects of climate policy at the University of Potsdam, since 2018 as an Honorary Professor. 

    Charlotte Streck is Co-Founder and President of the climate consultancy and think tank Climate Focus and a former Senior Counsel with The World Bank in Washington, DC. Charlotte Streck serves as a climate change advisor to numerous governments, private companies, foundations, and non-for-profit organizations and is actively involved in shaping the debate on the architecture and effectiveness of the international climate regime as well as on mitigation and adaptation policies with a focus on the land sector. She serves on several advisory, investment and editorial panels, is a former lead counsel for climate change with the Center for International Sustainable Development Law with McGill University, and the Chair of the Board of the Climate Strategies research network.

    Hon. Prof. Dr. Charlotte Streck


    University of Potsdam
    Chair of International Relations
    August-Bebel-Str. 89, 14482 POTSDAM


    consulting hours
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