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Doctoral Studies

Supervision of doctoral theses by Prof. Dr. Andrea Liese

At the Chair of International Relations, the training and supervision of doctoral students is an important focus area. The main emphasis is on the well-structured supervision of the dissertation in terms of content and time. For this purpose, you should be familiar with the research work and interests of Prof. Dr. Liese.

Usually, supervision of doctoral thesis happens in the context of a research assistant position at the Chair or a project position in a third-party funded project. If doctoral positions are available, you will find them on the website of the University of Potsdam under job offers. Nevertheless, unsolicited applications are always welcome. In addition to outstanding academic achievements, we expect enthusiasm for the field of International Relations. Please submit a 5-10 page exposé and a curriculum vitae. The synopsis should include in particular the research question, possible answers and methodological strategies.

As a faculty member of the Berlin Graduate School for Global and Transregional Studies (BGTS), Prof. Dr. Liese also supervises doctoral students within the framework of the doctoral program. Please submit applications for the program and supervision via the BGTS page.

With the Potsdam Graduate School, doctoral students at the University of Potsdam have a transdisciplinary training institution at their disposal that offers subject-specific as well as interdisciplinary colloquia, workshops, and seminars. PoGS can serve as a valuable networking platform with all participating departments as well as for the identification of exciting joint research concerns.

Current supervisions

Mathies Kempken

Von der "Lending Bank" zur "Knowledge Bank". Zur Diffusion von Wissensmanagement vom privaten Sektor zur Weltbank

Ann-Kathrin Rothermel

Gender(s) and inter-institutional coordination in global efforts to counter terrorism and violent extremism - the UN’s Global Counterterrorism Coordination Compact at the humanitarian-development-peace nexus