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Degree Programs at the Faculty

Rechtliche Grundlagen

Legal basis

The general regulations for the teaching and non-teaching bachelor’s and master’s degree programs (BAMA-O) as well as further legal bases can be found here.

Non-teaching bachelor’s degree programs

Business administration focuses on the economic activities of companies. Extensive knowledge is imparted in various business management sub-disciplines.

In this degree program, you can choose a second subject in addition to your first subject of business administration and thus acquire fundamental and in-depth knowledge of another discipline.

Business informatics is an interdisciplinary subject between computer science and business administration. You will learn to analyze, design and implement business information systems.

Economics studies the decisions of households and businesses (microeconomics) as well as macroeconomic processes and derives economic policy recommendations from them.

The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows for analysis and evaluation of the complex relationships between politics and economics as well as economic and political developments.

In this interdisciplinary program, you will gain in-depth insights into current research fields in political and administrative science, business administration and sociology.

In sociology, you will learn to recognize and assess the interrelationships of social manifestations and to critically analyze social developments theoretically and methodically

Bachelor’s degree programs related to teaching

Politics is taught in all federal states. In your studies, you will learn to train young people to become politically mature individuals who can analyze and assess political issues.

The program qualifies students to design integrative teaching-learning processes in economic and technical education, nutrition and consumer education, and vocational orientation.

In addition to the scientific and didactic foundations of teaching, the focus is also on the appropriate support, emotional, mental and social development of students.

Non-teaching master’s programs

The study program is designed to be research-oriented. Here, the business knowledge acquired in the bachelor’s program can be deepened and an own research profile can be developed.

The research-oriented course of study enables a targeted examination of the technical and technology-induced economic changes of the digital transformation.

The program addresses current economic and social policy issues and provides the expertise for evidence-based economic analysis of policy instruments.

The program combines political science theory and practice and enables you to systematically examine social problems and evaluate options for political action.

The interdisciplinary degree program imparts qualifying knowledge of administrative science and combines political-administrative practice with internationally distinguished research activities.

In the program you will acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of international relations. The cooperation of the three universities enables an extremely comprehensive and diverse range of courses.

In research projects you will learn to work on complex problems for the analysis of social and societal processes in a theoretically reflected way and by applying scientific methods.

In this English-language program, you will explore core topics in political science and public administration research from an international and comparative perspective.

Master’s degree programs related to teaching

In the master’s program, you will deepen the competencies you have acquired in subject-specific, subject-didactic as well as educational science and inclusion pedagogy training.

In the master’s program, the specific examination of digitization, subject-specific digital teaching and learning, and innovation in technology, economics, and society plays an emphasized role.

Continuing Education Programs

The part-time master’s program teaches a combination of management qualifications, economic and entrepreneurial skills, and industry-specific specializations.

The part-time master’s program offers managers from administration and business a unique preparation for Franco-German and European administrative cooperation.

In the program, you will acquire basic business knowledge, knowledge of industry-specific methods and approaches, and management skills in the context of sports and health.