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Studies and Teaching

On the following pages you will find all important information about the modalities for the registration of theses, courses of the professorship, study-relevant documents, guidelines as well as assistance in the form of leaflets. Please deal with the provided information first before contacting us. Please also note that we can only provide information on our teaching area. Consultation hours are currently held online by arrangement.

Your contact person regarding the study of social sciences is
the representative for study organization and examinations of the Faculty of Economic
and Social Sciences Faculty Dr. Birgit Kletzin.
We are at your disposal for all matters concerning the professorship.

STUDY ADVISORY in the Master's Program in Political Science

 Prof. Dr. Ganghof and Prof. Dr. Liese share the academic advising for the Master's program in Political Science
You can take advantage of the advising service if you have questions about the following topics:

  • Content, structure, performance requirements and focal points of the field of study,
  • questions concerning individual study organization and study planning (not application and admission!). 
    We will be happy to answer these questions during consultation hours.

For questions about

  • application, admission or
  • other administrative matters, please contact the office which is responsible for you.