winter semester 2017/18

  • Introduction to the history and doctrine of Christianity (lecture)
  • Bachelor colloquium
  • Do you need God for morality? (Interdisziplinäres Propädeutikum LER)
  • Jewish Munich - National Socialism and remembrance (excursion seminar)

summer semester 2017

  • The 'völkisch' movement 1871-1945 (seminar)

winter semester 2016/17

  • 2000 years of Christianity. An introduction against the background of social and political changes (lecture)

summer semester 2016

  • The Religion of the Germans (seminar)
  • Bachelor colloquium
  • Secularization vs. Pluralism. Peter L. Berger's theses on religion in modern age  (seminar)

winter semester 2015/16

  • Christianity in context of politics and society (lecture)

summer semester 2015

  • Beliefs of Christianity (seminar)
  • The Aryan Jesus (seminar)

winter semester 2014/15

  • Introduction to the history and the constitution of Christianity (lecture)