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Jewish Studies: Conferences & Events

Sephardic Perspectives Research and Reading Group

Organised by Adem Muzaffer Erol

The research and reading group Sephardic Perspectives continues earlier work of the BMBF funded project “Sephardic Perspectives” (2014-2023) at the ZJS. It ams at strengthening Sephardic Studies in German academia by bringing together early career scholars through discussion groups, workshops, and conferences. Topics to be discussed include Sephardic networks, cultures, and identites, in early modern, modern and contemporary European and non-European, colonial and post-colonial worlds. A focus will be on inter-religious and inner-Jewish entanglements and/or encounters, in particular entanglements, and/or encounters between Ashkenazim and Sephardim and/or Sephardim and Sephardim from early modern times to the present. This includes discussons about different concepts and uses of the term “Sephardi/Sephardic” in dfferent contexts and (academic) cultures. Last but not least, the group will also pay attention to topics of Converso history, religion, and thought, both in the Iberian Peninsula and in the Western Sephardic Diaspora. Regular meetings will be scheduled once a month via zoom.  Scholars interested in participating are encouraged to contact Adem Muzaffer Erol (  

More information can be found here

Poster "Sephardic History and Culture"
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Sephardic History and Culture – International Graduate Conference

organized by Prof. Dr. Sina Rauschenbach, Dr. Susanne Härtel, Julian Holter, M.A. and Tanja Zakrzewski, M.A.

University of Potsdam, Am Neuen Palais 10, building 8, room 0.56, 14469 Potsdam

September 24th, 3:30 p.m. – September 26th, 12:30 p.m.

Although Sephardic Studies is already established as a field at Israeli and U.S. universities, it is strongly underrepresented in European universities, where Jewish Studies scholars still tend to focus on Ashkenazic histories and cultures. However, Sephardic Studies scholars have often been forerunners in connecting Jewish and non-Jewish history, introducing new research questions and applying new methodological approaches from other disciplines to Jewish history and thought. The conference is the first of a series of conferences designed to connect European scholars involved in the study of Sephardic history and culture and to create new networks of scholarly discussion and cooperation.

The conference will start with an evening lecture by Dr. Jessica Roitman (Leiden) on September 24th 2019 and continue with 13 individual presentations and extensive discussions until September 26th at noon. The topics covered will range from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. Geographically, Iberia and the so-called Western and Eastern Sephardic Diasporas will come into view.The detailed program can be found here.

Guests are very welcome. If you are interested, please contact Tanja Zakrzewski ( by September 16th at the latest.

Poster "Sephardic History and Culture"
Photo: N.N.
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