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Ausbruch des Holuhraun, 2014. | Foto: Eva Eibl.

Iceland’s Boiling Ground – how to predict volcanic eruptions earlier

In August 2014, all of a sudden the earth in Iceland shook more often and more intensely than usual. The Icelandic Meteorological Office, which... more
Spuren der Verwüstung durch vulkanische Asche. | Foto: Prof. Dr. Oliver Korup.

Powdered with Ash or Covered in Ice - Volcanic Eruptions and Meltwater Lakes

Ash and ice are phenomena that the researchers around Prof. Dr. Oliver Korup and his Natural Hazards working group are equally fascinated by.... more
Sonneneruption. | Foto: Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA.

Storm in Space - How Data Assimilation Can Contribute to Forecasting Space Weather

They help us communicate over long distances, navigate unknown terrain, and predict the weather. Hundreds of satellites orbit the Earth servicing... more
Datenassimilation findet in vielen Gebieten Anwendung – mit am längsten eingesetzt wird sie in der Meteorologie. Grafik: Andreas Töpfer.

The Best of Both Worlds - The Connection between the Weather, Amoebae, and the Human Gaze

Data is all the rage. Satellite images make the entire world available - in detail and around the clock. Humans, too, are being captured down to the... more