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Support of your University

Beratung am Campus
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The University of Potsdam does not leave you alone!

There are many offers for counselling on various topics. Depending on what your concern is, you can find the contact persons under the following links.

Student Health Management - Feel Good Campus

As the Student Health Management of the University of Potsdam, we are committed to making healthy studying possible at the UP. We forge programmes and workshops to promote your well-being, strengthen your resources and make campus and study life more health-promoting.

Central Student Advisory Service

Contact person for all questions prior to studies, at the beginning of studies and during the course of studies as well as psychological counseling for students

Mental Health Counseling

Whether exam nerves, writer's block, relationship problems, personal crises, ... - Psychological counseling is the contact when your mental balance falters

Departmental Advising

Advice on subject-specific questions concerning individual study planning and organization, e.g. on the type and scope of performance requirements and certificates

Student Tutors

Advice on studying with a health impairment or disability

Coordination Office for Equal Opportunities

Here you can get information, advice and awareness in university policy equality issues and diversity.

Academic Sports Centre

Academic Sports Centre Potsdam offers you a sporty balance with a wide variety at student-friendly prices. We organize 600 courses per week in over 125 sports.


Nightline Potsdam is the student listening phone in Potsdam.

Studentenwerk Potsdam

Here you can ask any questions about the social sector

Central Examination Office

Responsible for questions regarding the management of your transcripts, recognition of achievements, or the preparation of your final document.

Office of Student Affairs

Clarifies questions about application and enrollment but also questions that are generally about your student status

International Office

Contact for prospective students and students from abroad and international visiting scholars as well as all students planning a stay abroad in the course of their studies

Advisory Office for Master's Application and Admission

Contact point for all questions regarding an application for a consecutive Master's program outside the teaching profession at the University of Potsdam.

PUCK Service Point

PUCK lost or defective? - visit the PUCK service center!


Answers to your questions about using the numerous functions of this online portal to support your study and examination organization

Additional Services

On the following page you will find the links to further counseling services concerning the study.