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Stage of Processing of Applications for the Winter Term 2023/2024

Self-Assesment Test

You consider studying Data Science at Potsdam University but you are not sure whether you fulfill the subject-specific requirements?

 We ask for your understanding that we cannot assess academic eligibility before an application phase; it is a very time-consuming process that can be done only once within a selection process.

 That means it remains firstly at the discretion of yourself to assess your eligibility. We experienced that some students struggled with hard restrictions only and therefore we collated substantial background knowledge in form of a Self-Assessment Test. You will find that the test is based on the field of mathematics and computer science. Generally, you should be able to solve at least one of the parts (desirably both parts) without problems. There is the possibility to catch up in one of the fields during the first semester in form of a bridge module (more information below).

Please be aware that this test WILL NOT be part of your application documents. It solely is designed to help you to assess your eligibility because educational systems differ throughout the world. A good test result will not enhance your chances for admission. Your application only needs to fulfill the listed criteria in the discipline-specific admission regulation and depends on the selection process described there.



FAQ - Uni Potsdam master's program

Frequently asked questions about the application and documents are listed at the webpage Frequently asked questions about master's degree application via uni-assist. Further administrative questions shall be addressed to the Office of Student Affairs with the particular contact: postgraduate admission.
Below we listed the frequently asked questions addressed to our study counselor. If you still seek advise especially in respect to the subject specific field of the program, feel invited to contact out study counselor.

FAQ - Master Data Science

Here we list short answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Master's Program in Data Science. All information given here can also be found in the relevant regulation documents, in particular the

Please read these documents (and possibly existing recent amendments - see here ) as well as  the online information published by the University of Potsdam's Division of Student Affairs  carefully.

Which undergraduate degree qualifies?

When do I apply?

Can I apply for the summer intake?

Where do I send my application documents?

Do you acknowledge my degree … from university of…?

How do I get the admission? What is the NC?

Knowledge of English

Knowledge of German

Is there particular advise for international Students? How can I get help with Visa application?

Are there tuition fees?

Uni-Assist does not forward my application. What can I do?

What means admission with obligation (Bridge Modules)? Will Bridge Modules count into my Master‘s Degree?

Until when do I have to enroll to Uni Potsdam?

When is the deadline for course registration? What happens if I am not registered when instruction period starts? ...or when I haven‘t reached Germany by then?

How to connect with people in Potsdam?

How can I find Housing in Potsdam?

How to finance my studies? Are there scholarships?