Opening ceremony members in the foyer of the new computer science building
Flowering bushes in front of the Computer Science Building
Sky view from inner yard
Members of the opening ceremony visit the new building
Students' workspace
Our new institute building

was opened on June 15th at the location of the faculty of science in Golm


in Golm

Sky view

from the inner yard

Representatives of the university

management get an idea of the new possibilities in computer science teaching and research.

Students' workspace

in the new Computer Science Building

  • Institute of Computer Science

Slides of the presentations

given during the Introductory Lecture for Bachelor Courses on October 5th, 2021 can be downloaded under "Information on Study programs".

News from the Institute and the University

Upon conclusion of the transfer project, VDMA's Michael Patrick Zeiner hands over the "Maschinenhaus" certificate to University president Prof. Oliver Günther, PhD, and the direktor of the Computer Science Institute, Prof. Dr. Christoph Kreitz.

More practical relevance in computer science studies

"Maschinenhaus" transfer project completed

Prof. Benno Stabernack and his employee Michal Stec

Lighting up the blind spot

Benno Stabernack develops an assistance system to prevent accidents between cars and cyclists

To the concert with VR glasses

University and Chamber Academy Potsdam present and explore the VR project "Reflect"

“The university can learn a lot about its self-image”

A historical research project examines the transformation of East German universities using the example of the University of Potsdam