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VR paint shop

HandleVR - Job training with a simulator

A new tutorial program for prospective vehicle painters (in german)

Students in a factory building

Computer Science Institute takes part in VDMA initiative "Maschinenhaus - the campus for engineers"

Our institute successfully applied to participate in a transfer project within the initiative of the Verband Deutscher Anlagen- und Maschinenbau.

New Computer Science Building on Campus Golm

New Computer Science Building donated by Plattner Foundation

The Institute of Computer Science's new home on Campus Golm is completed (in german)

VR classroom

Prospective history teachers in virtual reality

An innovative teaching project developed by Prof. Monika Fenn, Jakob Arlt, Prof. Ulrike Lucke und Axel Wiepke (in german)

Lena Florian and Raphael Zender talking

We want professionalization

In an interview with mathematics educationalist Lena Florian and computer scientist Raphael Zender about virtual teaching and learning formats at the University of Potsdam