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Introductory Lecture

for Bachelor Courses - Slides of the presentation on October 20th 2020 - General (in german)

Dr. Kostädt, Prof. Lucke, Dr. van Kempen

Digitized in no time?!

How the University of Postdam produced a digital semster out of thin air and changed fundamentally (in german)

Lena Florian and Raphael Zender talking

We want professionalization

In an interview with mathematics educationalist Lena Florian and computer scientist Raphael Zender about virtual teaching and learning formats at the University of Potsdam

notebook user

Towards 100%

University of Potsdam is continuously expanding the proportion of Open Access publications with DFG funding

VR-user practising airbrush painting

Virtual and practical

VR project in Potsdam wins "DIVR Science Award 2020"