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flower grows on dry soil

Lecture series on Climate crisis

UP4Future The University of Potsdam Climate Group organizes online lecture series on the climate crisis - April 21st - July 21st 2020 - Tuesdays 6 - 7:30 p.m.

Prof. Engbert

I See What You See

Potsdam Cognitive scientists develop models for predicting eye movements


Climate Protection Concept presented

University plans to significantly reduce CO2 emissions (in german)

with VR glasses to the classroom

Virtual Classroom

A seminar uses virtual reality glasses to prepare prospective teachers for class room situations


How Technologies Affect our Emotions

Researchers Study the Impact of Sensors on Perception

Sun eruption

Storm in Space

How Data Assimilation Can Contribute to Forecasting Space Weather

Data assimilation

The Best of Both Worlds

The Connection between the Weather, Amoebae, and the Human Gaze

Prof. Dr. iur. Björn Steinrötter

Do we want an artificial intelligence to administer justice?

Prof. Björn Steintrötter researches the legal aspects of digitisation