Preparatory Mathematics Course

We announce a preparatory mathematics course for female and male freshmen in studies related
to computer science, taking place from 30th Sep. to 11th Oct. 2019.  This course aims at both fresh
high school graduates and lateral entrants. The course will be held in German language.

The preparatory course aims at supporting the students in the first phase of their studies by
training their ability to understand and solve complex problems in the area of mathematics.
This is done by training heuristical approaches to problems, logical reasoning, proof methods and
the understanding of formal expressions. The course includes lectures, tutorials, discussions, and
of course self-study.

We'll cover the following topics.

  • Logics and Set Theory
  • Numbers and their representations
  • Equations and Inequations
  • (Mathematical) Induction
  • Functions
  • Group theory

Attendence is voluntary, but we strongly recommend students that do not take part
to work through the course material, which will be publicly available.

For organisational and capacity (at most 60 participants) reasons, you'll have to apply for
participation HERE. Applications must be submitted before 15th Sep. 2019. You will be notified
about whether your application was successful on 25th Sep. 2018.

The preperatory course will take place at Potsdam University, Campus Griebnitzsee,
Building 01, lecture hall 10 (above the canteen, in short 03.01.H10).

The schedule for the lectures and tutorials is given below. There will be enough time for
small breaks and a big lunch brake between 12:00 and 13:00.

30.09.1909:00 - 15:00
01.10.1909:00 - 15:00
02.10.1913:00 - 15:00
04.10.1909:00 - 15:00
07.10.1909:00 - 15:00
08.10.1909:00 - 15:00
09.10.1909:00 - 15:00
10.10.1909:00 - 15:00
11.10.1909:00 - 15:00

Successful applicants should take additional time (about 2 hours per day) for self-study
which includes some blended learning exercises, located on the Moodle site of the University.
Sign up for the Moodle course after login with the credentials received with the
enrollment at the University.

We recommend all successful applicants to fetch all needed materials before the start of
the course.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Sebastian Schellhorn (sebastian.schellhornuni-potsdamde).