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The Career Talks for young scientists are organized by experts from business and science. Learn about experiences and requirements as well as fields of development and future trends in your specific field. The Career Talks last 90 minutes.

Career Talk
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PhD candidates and Postdocs can obtain first-hand information on various professional fields at the Career Talks. Here you can talk directly to the experts. Take advantage of this opportunity and exchange ideas with other young scientists.

On May 20, 2021 from 4:00-5:30 pm the next digital Career Talk took place on the occasion of the 9th German Diversity Day on the topic "Diversity competence as a teaching and research mindset? Diversity of perspectives in practical implementation" with Jennifer Scholl.

The Talk will be in German.

Jennifer Scholl
Photo: Jennifer Scholl

What is diversity competence? And why is it fundamentally important for the future of higher education? What is the significance of diversity competence for the design of learning spaces and research processes?
In the Career Talk, Jennifer Scholl shares her teaching and research experiences in qualitative social research and diversity studies. She illustrates how deep, sustainable, and self-directed learning processes can emerge in dialogic learning spaces. In doing so, she shares aha moments and didactic pearls that have enabled her to create diversity-sensitive teaching with joy and added value. She shows how you, as teachers and researchers, can develop your own competence development both purposefully and casually by relating different fields of activity to each other.

In the 1.5-hour format, you will experience in a very practical and interactive way a concrete dialogue method for diversity of perspective, which can be both insightful and empowering for teaching, research and life.

Jennifer Scholl is a social scientist, PhD candidate (TU Braunschweig), trainer, mediator and coach. She is a freelancer and very active in sustainable transformation processes in education, especially in the higher education system.

Jennifer Scholl
Photo: Jennifer Scholl
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