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PhD candidates and Postdocs can obtain first-hand information on various professional fields and currently relevant topics at the Career Talks. Here you can talk directly to the experts. Take advantage of this opportunity and exchange ideas with other young scientists.


On November 25, 2021 the Career Talk on the topic of "Micropolitics in Science" with consultant and trainer Dr. Veronika Fuest took place as an online event via Zoom.

Dr. Veronika Fuest
Photo: Dr. V. Fuest

This Career Talk offers the opportunity to reflect on power processes in one's own environment and one's own roles in micropolitical games - as "victim" or as "actor" - on the basis of a theoretical approach.
With the organisation-theoretical concept of micropolitics, we can examine manifestations of the of the everyday construction and use of power in organisations.
Micropolitics means actively influencing what happens in organisations. This is not only about the communication behaviour of executives. Self-interests (which may well be ethically motivated) are pursued at all levels and individual or collective strategies are used to exert influence informally or to avoid control. Informal, officially unsanctioned practices - micropolitical games - often have a stronger impact than formally regulated procedures. It is open whether others are benefited or harmed.
Participants in this event will interactively explore the question of where 'goldfish ponds' can be found alongside 'shark tanks' characterised by fierce competition: micro-worlds characterised by trust that are oriented towards common goals.

Dr. Veronika Fuest
Veronika Fuest is a certified consultant (systemic transactional analysis) and trainer. In the past, she gained diverse experience in science through multidisciplinary academic qualifications, teaching activities, engagements in collaborative research projects of various institutions as well as her own research including actor and institutional analyses. In addition, she is familiar with internal consulting and process moderation in the field of science management.

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Dr. Veronika Fuest
Photo: Dr. V. Fuest
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