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The Career Talks for young scientists are organized by experts from business and science. Learn about experiences and requirements as well as fields of development and future trends in your specific field. The Career Talks last 90 minutes.

Career Talk
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PhD candidates and Postdocs can obtain first-hand information on various professional fields at the Career Talks. Here you can talk directly to the experts. Take advantage of this opportunity and exchange ideas with other young scientists.

The next Career Talk on the topic of "Sideways Entry into the Teaching Profession" with sideways entry Mathias Haase will be postponed to a later date. We will inform you about this in advance.

Mathias Haase
Photo: Mathias Haase

There is a great need for professionals who enjoy teaching in the education sector. In addition to state schools, independent schools are also looking for teachers. The non-profit school company Rahn Education offers attractive career prospects and a permanent professional home to lateral entrants following a special seminar for lateral entrants. The school company covers the entire educational path from kindergarten to elementary and secondary schools to high school, as well as adult education and continuing education programs.

In the 1.5-hour format, lateral entrant Mathias Haase presents his path to the teaching profession and at Rahn Education. Edda Röhner, responsible for lateral entrant training, and Katja Follner, Head of Human Resources Development at Rahn Education, provide information on the entry requirements, duration and scope of the training, as well as a concrete insight into what awaits interested parties as a teacher in the educational institutions of Rahn Education.

Mathias Haase
Photo: Mathias Haase
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