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Mentoring Plus for Female Postdoctoral Researchers

Interdisciplinary support for female scientists* in career orientation and planning

Target group: Female Postdoctoral Researchers, Junior Profs and New Appointed
Language: English
Duration of the program: 12 month

* Mentoring Plus for Postdocs is aimed at all female post-doctoral researchers who identify themselves permanently as women.

Mentoring Plus Türen zur Karriere
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Kleines Ausschreibungsposter von International Mentoring Plus
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Program Details

Female scientists with doctorates in the early or advanced postdoc phase, new appointed  and junior professors can use Mentoring Plus to actively and specifically advance their further careers. The program is aimed at both female scientists pursuing a career in academia and postdocs who are considering a move into science-related fields of activity or other sectors such as business, administration, politics or culture.

  • One-to-one mentoring with an experienced specialist and manager
  • Mid-term and final reflections to support the success of the program
  • Networking in the peer group, Mentoring Plus community and the Network of Talents
  • Special workshops for Postdocs on topics such as career planning, leadership skills, work-life balance and application and appointment training
Kleines Ausschreibungsposter von International Mentoring Plus
Photo: AdobeStock/Maria Skrigan

Program Goals

  • Actively shaping career and life planning
  • Developing and decisively implementing individual career strategies
  • Sharpening own competence and research profile
  • Convincing and professional self-representation
  • Expanding and making targeted use of professional networks
  • Increasing opportunities for a long-term scientific career
  • Preparing the change from academia to working fields close to science or other sectors such as administration, economy, politics or culture
  • Evolving personal leadership style and strengthening position as (potential) leader
  • Gaining practices for balanced lifestyles and stress management
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Contact person: Jasmin Blümlein

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