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Potential Check

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Get to know the innovative qualification program Complementary Profile Development, where you will reflect on your personal abilities and explore your individual development potential.

The next Potential Checks is planned for 2024. Please note: The working language is German, the Potential Check is taking place in person.

Based on the concept of an assessment center, the Potential Check provides you with a professional assessment concerning relevant strengths and weaknesses in the context of specific tasks and professions with regard to career options both inside and outside of academic and scientific environments. In the one-day workshop, you will get incentives and suggestions for your individual development and professional priorities.

Your competence areas will be monitored and assessed in specifically developed exercises for both individuals and groups. This will be carried out according to selected dimensions, including “Decision Making and Assertiveness”, “Competence in Structuring and Planning” and “Strategic and Joined-Up Thinking”, which are required in various occupational fields in academic and scientific contexts, but also beyond. These dimensions relate to the way in which participants use their individual expertise in work and communication situations.

The Potential Check will be conducted by a team of consultants, members of the Potsdam Graduate School and 3 external experts.

You will receive customized feedback with advice for further development of your individual career, as well as recommendations on how to proceed with the Complementary Profile Development program or individual coaching.


Target group: PhD candidates, postdocs, habilitated scholars, junior professors at the University of Potsdam and other non-university institutes in the state of Brandenburg


Methodology: Group discussions, conversation exercises, presentations, self-reflections

Duration: 1-day Workshop, 9 am until approx. 8:00 pm
9am - 10 am - Welcome and information
10am - 4 pm - Exercises and presentations (individual timetables)
5:30pm - 7:45pm - Individual feedback

Language: German

Participation fee: 60 € for postdocs/PhD candidates at the University of Potsdam, 240 € for postdocs/PhD candidates of our partner institutions and 290 € for external postdocs/PhD candidates 

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Contact person: Jenny Multani

Potsdam Graduate School


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Am Kanal 47
14467 Potsdam