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Topic suggestions

Generally, thesis topics should be clearly related to the teaching and research profile of the Chair of Public and Nonprofit Management. This includes in particular topics related to

  • Administrative and management reforms in the public sector
  • Application and implementation of management tools in the public and nonprofit sector
  • Functional aspects of management in administration and NPOs (e.g. personnel, financial and change management).

Accordingly, the possible range of topics is very varied. Ultimately, you should define and work on an empirical question in consultation with us, which has a comprehensible practical relevance. Especially when choosing a topic, it is recommended to contact the chair team, whereby an at least approximate thematic orientation should already be considered in advance.

Topic assignment for final theses

In order to get a better overview of the topics which are researched and supervised at our chair and how possible questions could look like, please have a look at the presentation Topic assignment for final theses linked here.

Final thesis topics with partners from practice 

Various organizations from practice are interested in working on certain topics within the framework of a final thesis. The organizations usually offer their support in the preparation of the thesis. This support usually refers to access to interlocutors and material. We are in contact with some of such organizations and are happy to refer these partners if appropriate topics are being worked on and are available. We are also happy to support you in establishing contacts with partners of your choice.

Please note that your thesis must comply with the rules of the BAMA-O and your study regulations as well as our formal and scientific requirements, not those of the practice partner.

Final theses within research projects

Furthermore, we offer the possibility to write final theses within the framework of research projects. For this, you can find information under the project folder and contact us if you have any questions.