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Chair of Public & Nonprofit Management

Welcome to our chair-homepage. We are pleased about your interest in public management!

From the left to the right Jakob Kühler, Jannes Schneider, Darlin Albrecht, Dustin Rischke, Prof. Dr. Isabella Proeller, Daniela Großmann, Yaren Gürbüz, Nicolas Drathschmidt, Luise Renneke, Jan Paul Adam, Henok Woldegiorgis. 


Using resource management to combat demographic change

Master's students gain practical insights into resource management at the Berlin Senate Administration, which is facing up to demographic change.

The picture shows Nicolas Drathschmidt at the IASS conference.

Section conference of the IASS on „public administration as an attractive employer”

Nicolas Drathschmidt presented the preliminary results of the joint study with the "dbbjugend beamtenbund und tarifunion" on behalf of the chair.

The Public Management Chair at EGPA 2023

At this year's EGPA23 conference, our team presented the ongoing activities of the chair. The six papers presented are part of individual research and ...

Development of eGov-Campus

Our courses with SHI on the eGov Campus („Verwaltungsportale“ & „Neues Arbeiten und Führen in digitalisierten Verwaltungsstrukturen“) will continue to...

Successful cooperation with the public development bank of the state of Brandenburg - ILB

15 students learned and applied the fundamentals of businnes process management, conducted workshops and presented their results in a teaching project.

How widespread is the teaching of public sector accounting at German universities?

Prof. Reichard, Küchler-Stahn and Siegel provide an overview of the accounting curriculum in German academia and universities.

The contents of the course Management in the Digital Age is available as Open Educational Resources

You can find Prof. Dr. Proeller's contributions on Digital Transformation in Government and Digital Divide and E-Participation on Trillo.

Contributing to the debate: Digital Era, Digital Transformation, and Digital Red Tape

Nicolas Drathschmidt writes in Verwaltung & Management about current debates in digitization research.

Young Bureaucracy Festival

At the Festival of PD - Consultants to the Public Sector, our students presented future scenarios for the digital administrative work of tomorrow.

Nicolas Drathschmidt wins the award for excellent teaching

For his MA seminar "Resource Management in Public Administration" he was awarded by the Dean of the WiSo Faculty.

EDUC+M logo

EDUC+M Multiplier Event in Paris-Nanterre 2023

Project partners from six countries meet to present the results of the Erasmus+ funded project "Educating for Positive Management" (EDUC+M)....

Flexible, digital, well paid? How the public service of the future can become attractive again.

In cooperation with the youth trade union of the "dbb beamtenbund und tarifunion" we examine how the public service as employer ...

Potsdamer Tag der Wissenschaften 2023

Is the public sector an attractive employer? And what changes need to be made to make it more attractive? These questions have

What effects did the Corona pandemic have on the digitization of public administration in Germany?

Proeller, Drathschmidt and Adam summarize the current findings in the focus area of human resources in the form of a narrative literature review.

Auf die Bild sind die Teilnehmer des Projekts zu sehen

Data collection of the DIGILOG project picks up speed

The UP research team led by Jakob Kühler and Justine Marienfeldt analyzed the local dynamics of digitalization in Bergisch-Gladbach.

Nicolas Drathschmidt and Jakob Kühler at the IRSPM Conference 2023.

Nicolas Drathschmidt and Jakob Kühler at the IRSPM Conference 2023

At this year's IRSPM annual conference, both members of the chair presented their current research results.


Is digital always better? How administrative staff deal with unnecessary bureaucracy

Nicolas Dratschmidt answers questions about digital bureaucracy in public administration and possible negative side effects of digitization.

Challenges and solutions in resource management

Master's students were able to exhibit their interview results on administrative resources at a poster conference.

Visit to the CityLAB Berlin

The change agents of the future meet the change agents of the present when students visit the CityLAB Berlin.

Exchange with the Senate Department for Finance

In another practical insight, students visited the Berlin Senate Department for Finance.

Dieses Bild zeigt einen Pokal.

JPAE and TPA award prize to Christoph Reichard

Prof. Dr. Christoph Reichard receives the "2022 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Administration Pedagogical Scholarship and Research"

Digitalisation "among" dinosaurs?

On 07.11. the DIGILOG event on administrative digitization in Germany and Switzerland took place in the context of the Berlin Science Week.