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From the upper left to the bottem right corner : Fabian Gödelmann,  Marlene Bröcker,  Jan Paul AdamLeon BeelJakob KühlerAndrea Schäfer,  Julia Gräfe,  Jieun Park,  Amina Alagić,  Esther Steverding,  Nicolas Drathschmidt,  Prof. Dr. Isabella Proeller


Dieses Bild zeigt einen Pokal.

JPAE and TPA award prize to Christoph Reichard

Prof. Dr. Christoph Reichard receives the "2022 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Administration Pedagogical Scholarship and Research"

Digitalisation "among" dinosaurs?

On 07.11. the DIGILOG event on administrative digitization in Germany and Switzerland took place in the context of the Berlin Science Week.


Award for Nicolas Drathschmidt

Nicolas Drathschmidt was awarded the "Better Regulation Network Award" for his masters's thesis on "How do public employees cope with red tape"..


Awards for master's theses

The masters' theses of Luise Krompholz and Nicolas Drathschmidt were honoured and published as part of the Springer "BestMaster-series".


Articles by Prof. Dr. Proeller and Prof. Dr. Siegel in the Elgar Encyclopedia of Public Management

Prof. Proeller and Prof. Siegel write about "Tools" in Public Management as well as Strategic Management in Public Administration.

Gruppenbild mit einigen Teilnehmenden der Universität Potsdam.

Presentation of current research projects at EGPA 2022

Nicolas Drathschmidt and Jakob Kühler presented at the EGPA conference 2022 in Lisbon and reported on their current research projects.

The students at their presentation

Successful presentation of the results of the practical project with the ILB

t the end of the process management project, the students presented their process models and process optimization.

Ein Laptop in einer Videokonferenz

Article by the chair team in "Handbuch Digitalisierung in Staat und Verwaltung“

Prof. Dr. Proeller, Prof. Dr. Siegel, Caroline Fischer and Nicolas Drathschmidt write about virtual teams and home office in public administration.

Philipp Kuscher and Vera Spitzer with award

Philipp Kuscher wins Science Dialog 2022

Together with Vera Spitzer, Philipp Kuscher presented the eGovCampus project at this year's science dialogue and completely convinced the jury.

The picture shows a stack of books.

Development of goal- and result-oriented control mechanisms in the Swiss federal administration:

Prof. Dr. Isabella Proeller writes in V&M about findings from the evaluation of the "Neues Führungsmodell" for the federal administration (NFB).

Cover textbook Public Administration in Germany

Textbook on „Public Administration in Germany“ downloaded over 100,000 times

The textbook has already been downloaded over 100,000 times and inspired a Japanese research group for a similar book project

Prof. Dr. John Siegel

Why the digitization of administration fails — Prof. Dr. John Siegel on radio

Prof. Dr. John Siegel speaks on RBB's Inforadio about the Online Access Act and the digitization of administration in general.

Berlin Bus

John Siegel in rbb: "Authorities are under much more pressure today than in the past"

Quickly implementing a bus lane is not so easy in Berlin's bureaucracy. John Siegel explains why in an interview with the rbb why.

Daniela Großmann

Daniela Großmann is new research associate

We are pleased to welcome Daniela Großmann to the chair.

Handbuch Digitalisierung

New article by the chair team in the Handbook for Digitization

Prof. Dr. Proeller, Prof. Dr. Siegel and Jan Paul Adam contributed an article on the digitization of public administration to the newly published "Handbook

The picture shows records and paper files.

"Stress-Test" Social Welfare Administration: Mental Health and Strain

Matthias Döring and Nicolas Drathschmidt examine mental health and workload in Berlin’s social welfare administration.

Person working in their Homeoffice

New article of the chair team published at PMR

The open-access study on crisis resilience in government shows that the transition to home office was less challenging than expected.

Jakob Kühler

Jakob Kühler is new research associate

We are pleased to welcome Jakob Kühler to the chair.

Book cover Public Administration in Germany

Textbook on "Public Administration in Germany" downloaded over 80,000 times

The textbook on public administration in Germany, published by Kuhlmann, Proeller, Schimanke and Ziekow, has been a great success.

The picture shows a trophy.

Award for Maria Heckmann

Maria Heckmann received the network award for better regulation and bureaucracy reduction for her master's thesis.