Topics and Projects

The team of the Chair is conducting research in several areas of public and nonprofit management. However, our main focus is on strategic and performance management in the public sector. Our research approach is mainly empirical but also conceptual. We try to integrate research results into teaching and participate in the research dialogue within the scientific community. Papers are regularly contributed to academic conferences (e.g. EGPA, IRSPM, IPMN) and publications.
One of our main research interests is strategic management. By analyzing situational steering approaches, we try to gain inferences about the strategic steering capacity of public organizations. To understand how strategy in the public sector is mapped out, we study the interaction of actors, processes, instruments, and strategic goals. During the past years, we carried out analyses on the strategic management of government offices on national and local level.
Another research interest is performance management. For example, in co-operation with the University of St. Gallen a comprehensive literature review with regard to the academically use of the term “performance” has been accomplished. The project’s aim is to clarify the performance term and to examine how the term’s heterogeneity affects theory building and practical problem solving. We are also interested in the use of performance information, performance budgeting and performance contracting. Thus, an earlier project was to analyze the content of such contracts and the respective objectives, measures and indicators.
In the field of non-profit management we completed a study on corporate governance codes for non-profit organizations in collaboration with KPMG. The study analyzes theoretical-conceptual requirements for such codes and delivers an evaluation of existing corporate governance codes.