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Study and Teaching

On this page you can find a general overview about the important topics being discussed in Public Management. Furthermore, our curriculum is being introduced. In addition, modalities for degree theses are being defined.

For everyone being curious about the subject of business administration at the University of Potsdam, we recommend the website of our faculty. If your questions are not being answered properly, you should contact the chair of Prof. Gronewold or Prof. Herbst.

"Public Management" as a Subject

Our classes in the area of "Public & Nonprofit Management" deal with economical characteristics of organizations in the public and the nonprofit sector. They include for instance:

  • Administrative businesses on different administrative levels (federal government, states, municipalities, indirect administration)
  • Public enterprises including independent public institutions and public-private companies
  • Private charity organizations (Nonprofit organizations, third sector)

Our main goal is to teach our students economical skills which can be used to solve problems of controlling and management in those fields. Special emphasis is being put on reform ideas, ("new") controlling instruments and the strategic and performance management. Moreover, important issues like finance and human resource management, organization and coordination are dealt with.

Students of “Public Management” are only going to be able to successfully study our subject if they also acquire knowledge in other relevant fields (Public finance, administrative and political science, legal sciences [especially: Constitutional and administrative law]).  They should thus take classes dealing with the named topics being offered by other departments at this university.

Our classes are targeted at students of economics, administrative sciences and other disciplines which have a connection to the public sector (e.g. political science etc.).

We offer courses on the bachelor's, master's and Phd level.

Literature recommendations can be found here

Information sheet for seminar papers

Here You can find our information sheet for form the formal layout term papers.