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Currently offered courses and curriculum

The precise dates and information can be found on the PULS website.

The work and research of our chair aims to understand, describe, and explain how steering and management are carried out in public organizations. To this end, we study public administration organizations, their managers and specialists with management tasks. Therefore, we seek to to train the future change agents of public administration in our seminars and lectures. Public management is an interdisciplinary field that combines elements from economics, political science, law, sociology and other fields. We would like to take this diversity of content and methods into account with our curriculum.

In the Bachelor's program, we offer lectures on the fundamentals of public management as well as controlling, cost and performance accounting. These are supplemented by in-depth seminars on selected aspects of administrative modernization, such as digital transformation, but also nonprofit management.

For master's students, we offer seminars on the applied fundamentals of public management and resource management. In addition, our curriculum is completed by seminars on strategic management and courses on organizational theories. A special feature of our master's teaching portfolio are the practice-oriented research and project courses, which deepen specific topics of public management in a practical and research-oriented way.

Information sheet for seminar papers

Here You can find our information sheet​​​​​​​ for form the formal layout term papers.