Andrea Liese is member of a new Humanities Centres for Advanced Studies

Andrea Liese is member of the new Humanities Center for Advanced Studies "The International Rule of Law – Rise or Decline?". The Center consists of the three international law experts who submitted the proposal, Prof. Dr. Heike Krieger, Prof. Dr. Georg Nolte (HU), and Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmermann (University of Potsdam), and the three participating political scientists, Prof. Dr. Markus Jachtenfuchs (Hertie School of Governance), Prof. Dr. Andrea Liese (University of Potsdam), and Prof. Dr. Michael Zürn (Social Sciences Research Center, Berlin). 

In the Center the role of international law in a changing global order will be examined. Develop­ments in recent years give rise to the question whether the move towards an international rule of law, which seems to continue in some areas, has lost momentum in others. Inter-state crises in Eastern Europe and Asia display renewed thinking in terms of geopolitical spheres of influence. Collective efforts to address global issues through universal international law meet difficulties in certain fields such as climate protection and world trade. Can we, under current conditions, still observe a legalization/juridification of international relations based on a universal understanding of values, or are we seeing a tendency towards an informalization or a reformalization of interna­tional law, or even an erosion of international legal norms? Or are we simply observing a slump in the development towards an international rule of law based on a universal understanding of values?

The German Research Foundation has approved initial funding until 2019.