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Articles (Peer-review)

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Book chapters (* Peer Reviewed)

Dörfler, Thomas and Madeleine Hosli. forthcoming. The UN and UNSC Reform Proposals. In: Hosli, Madeleine and Joren Selleslaghs (eds.): The Changing Global Order. United Nations University Series on Regionalism. Springer.

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Other Publications

Dörfler, Thomas. Die Sanktionsausschüsse zwischen Macht und Regeln. In: Vereinte Nationen [German Review on the United Nations] 66 (2), 62-66. https://zeitschrift-vereinte-nationen.de/suche/zvn/heft/die-sanktionsausschuesse-zwischen-macht-und-regeln/

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Dörfler, Thomas, Thomas Gehring and Manuel Becker. 2017. Toward Rule-based Decision-making within the UN Security Council through Complex Governance Structures. In: Forschung DSF No.43 (Research Series of the German Foundation for Peace Research). https://bundesstiftung-friedensforschung.de/blog/forschung-dsf-no-43/