Lucas Deutzmann - Research Associate

Portrait von Herr Lucas Deutzmann
Photo: Thomas Roese

He was born in Berlin but has chosen to live in Brandenburg where he studied German and history at the University of Potsdam from 2013 until 2019 in order to become a teacher for secondary level I and II. He received his Master of Education in 2019 and completed his teacher training in the state of Brandenburg at the “Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium” in Fürstenwalde afterwards. Lucas Deutzmann passed the state examination for the teaching profession with the grade "excellent" in January 2020. This was followed by his appointment as civil servant in Brandenburg and the continuation of teaching at the “Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium”. He taught the subjects German and history as well social studies when he started working as a teacher full-time. After the end of his teaching position at the “Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium” in July 2021, he has worked as academic assistant at the junior professorship for inclusive German didactics under the direction of Prof. Dr. Giera since August 2021. This task is connected with a PhD project. This focuses on the connection between the concept of scaffolding and the investigated writing, reading, and debating skills in the context of the school-based intervention study Fair Debating and Written Argumentation. He is also interested in the study of language education and language support in the classroom from an inclusive pedagogy perspective.

Portrait von Herr Lucas Deutzmann
Photo: Thomas Roese


Lucas Deutzmann


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