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Research Objective


Language and communication are the foundation of social participation and enables access to professional, cultural and political fields. 

In this context, the tasks-digitally supported for writing and reading  are to be formulated in an inclusive learning setting. They need to be empirically tested and used in the context of German lessons or as a part of communicative situations in other subjects, which cover several competence areas of the framework curriculum and are adapted to the needs of learners with and without language support needs. For this purpose, simulations and real extracurricular learning institutions would be particularly suitable as research fields.

The research strategy is called: "BE A PART"! Vocational, Political and Cultural Participation through the Promotion of (Written) Language and Communicative Competences".

This is going to be implemented through three subprojects, which are still being planned: Research Project I: "Fair Debating and Written Argumentation ", Research Project II: "The Application Day" and Research Project III: "Stop Bullying! A Theater Project.

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