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Prof. Dr. Winnie-Karen Gieras Awards and Scholarships

  • 06/2019 Award of the dissertation at the "Education" faculty of the Leuphana University of Lueneburg
  • 06/2019 Award (together with P. Tschirch, U. Witschas, S. Schultz) "School with excellent professional orientation" from the Brandenburg Ministry of Education in Potsdam
  • 03/2018 Award "Bronze Honorary Prize" from the Chamber of Commerce Lueneburg-Wolfsburg for volunteer work in vocational training
  • 05/2017 Award "Teacher of the Year 2017" from the Brandenburg Ministry of Education in Potsdam
  • 06/2011 Scholarship holder of the European Cost Training School “Mastering Eye and Pen software for studying handwriting in real time” in Poitiers, France
  • 09 / 2008-03 / 2013 Scholarship holder of the “Foundation for the Promotion of Talented Vocational Education” during the entire study period
  • 01 / 2007-01 / 2008 "Special pedagogical additional qualification" at the educational institute ver.di in Uelzen
  • 2006 Training as "Quality Coach" of the "ServiceQualität Niedersachsen" program
  • 2006 AEVO trainer qualification in the hotel sector (IHK)
  • 02 / 2005-03 / 2006 successful participation in the mentoring program for the political promotion of young women from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Women, Family and Health in Hanover
  • 2005 2nd place in the marketing competition of the five leading hotel management schools in Germany
  • 10 / 2003-05 / 2004 Certificate course for "Management Trainer" (IHK) in Hanover
  • 03-10 / 2002 Certificate course for "Office Manager" (IHK) in Wolfsburg
  • 2002-2004 Receipt of the advanced training grant from the IHK Lueneburg-Wolfsburg
  • 2001 1st place and Lower Saxony youth champion in the apprenticeship as a hotel manager in Lueneburg