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For Researchers

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We are always interested in research collaborations nationally and internationally.

Feel free to contact us and describe your research project in the areas of:

  • Diagnostics and evaluation of individual and group writing processes.
  • Writing and reading promotion using the SRSD approach in schools
  • Measurement of reading skills (screenings)
  • Assessment of writing, reading, debating, and acting competence and motivation in lower secondary schools (screenings)
  • Inclusive German didactics in secondary level I
  • Competence-oriented writing tasks for secondary level I
  • Diagnostics and promotion of (meta)cognitive skills in writing
  • Communicative skills in vocational orientation and German lessons dealing with a vocational orientation at the secondary level I
  • Self-regulated learning in the context of school
  • Teacher training in an inclusive teaching-learning context
  • Extracurricular and interdisciplinary reading, writing, and debating settings
  • Digitally supported writing tasks in an inclusive learning setting
  • Professional, cultural, and political participation of adolescents through language development

As long as your research idea aligns with our research interest, we can begin our collaboration.





Prof. Dr. Winnie-Karen Giera