A person writing on the computer.
Two Kids reading on a tablet.
People debating.
A group of peolpe acting.
A group of people working together.
Writing on The Computer

Measuring and Promoting Writing Competence on the Computer | Source: AdobeStock 161189135

Reading Supported by Digital Media

Measuring and Promoting Reading Competence | Source: AdobeStock 39426884

Debating in a Team

Measuring and Promoting Debating Competence | Source: AdobeStock 66166154

Scenic Play

Measuring and Promoting Competence in Scenic Play | Source: AdobeStock 254377074

Peer Feedback

Promoting Peer Feedback in Writing, Reading and Debating Processes and in Scenic Play | Image: AdobeStock_80051846

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Welcome to...

...the website of the Junior Professorship for German Didactics in an Inclusive Context/Special Educational Needs in Language and Communication (Secondary Level)

Logo der inklusiven Deutschdidaktik
Source: Stefanie Zeise

This department is concerned with inclusive German didactics. A particular focus is set on language.

Over the next few years, we will be investigating how students' (with and without language support needs) linguistic and communicative skills can be promoted in cultural/political/vocational school projects.

Bearing in mind the concept of inclusion, all pupils should be able to participate culturally, politically and professionally with the help of empirically evaluated support measures.

Logo der inklusiven Deutschdidaktik
Source: Stefanie Zeise

We are looking for dedicated students who are interested in supporting our project voluntarily. Students from the bachelor and master program for teacher education can contact us.

Are you interested? Please email us and we will send you further information.  


We are looking forward to hear from you.

Leitspruch der inklusiven Deutschdidaktik (Prof. Dr. Giera)

From now on, Prof. Dr. Winnie-Karen Giera is the representative for all junior professorships at the University of Potsdam.
Do not hesitate and get in contact, if required.

e-mail: winnie-karen.giera@uni-potsdam.de

The chair is currently offering extracurricular events and workshops during summer. Please check "Cooperation with Extracurricular Learning Institutions", if you are interested.

Dates for international conferences