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Campus school network "BE A PART"

Frau mit einem Wollfaden in der Hand
Photo: Kitty Fried (2023)
We like to network to connect innovations from research with practice.
Picture: eigene Darstellung
Quelle: eigene Darstellung

Within the framework of the network "BE A PART! Berufliche, politische und kulturelle Partizipation durch die Förderung (schrift-)sprachlicher und kommunikativer Kompetenzen" of the Junior Professorship German Didactics in an Inclusive Context/Focus on Language and Communication, the question of how linguistic and communicative skills can be promoted in cultural/political/vocational school projects with students (with and without language support needs) will be investigated together with teachers and student teachers until 2027. With the help of empirically evaluated teaching projects, all students should be able to participate culturally, politically and professionally in the sense of inclusion and thus be a valuable part of society. The following four practice-oriented research projects are designed to achieve this goal:

  •   Research Project I "Fair Debate and Discussion",
  •   Research Project II "The Application Day" and
  •   Research Project III "Stop Bullying! A theater project".
  •   Research Project IV: DAAD Project Service-Learning Offer

You can find more information on the individual projects on our homepage under the ‘We do research’ tab. Several student teachers are writing their Bachelor's and Master's theses in the context of the research projects. The following schools are part of our campus school network as part of these projects:


  • Bertha-von-Suttner-Gymnasium Babelsberg Potsdam
  • Eliteschule des Sports Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Potsdam
  • EJF-Schulzentrum "Tabaluga" Schwedt/Oder
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Fürstenwalde
  • Leonardo-da-Vinci Gesamtschule Potsdam
  • Leonardo-da-Vinci-Campus Nauen
  • Montessori-Oberschule Potsdam

Foreign conutries:

  • Colegio Andino/Deutsche Schule Bogotá
  • Deutsche Auslandsschule Jakarta
  • Colegio Humboldt: Deute Schule Sao Paulo
  • Rahn-Schule Kairo

We have been cooperating with the following schools in Sri Lanka since February 2024:

  • WP/KE/Karunarathna Buddhist College
  • Balangoda Vidyaloka Central College
  • Royal College Colombo 07
  • Bandarawela Central College, Bandarawela

We are also very pleased about the cooperation with the latter schools abroad.


Picture: eigene Darstellung
Quelle: eigene Darstellung