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Current Courses

Frau schreibt einen Schriftzug am Fenster
Photo: Kitty Fried (2023)

In the winter semester 2023/24 the chair offers the following seminars for student teachers:

Logo der inklusiven Deutschdidaktik
Source: Stefanie Zeise
  • Individualized writing and reading support in lower secondary schools (Deutzmann)
  • Language education, prevention and intervention programs to promote language and communication development in children and adolescents with language impairments Teacher(s): Hauser
  • Promoting mathematical and written language competencies in a bi-differentiated classroom Teacher(s): Hauser & Friedrich
  • Communication and promotion of oral language action in inclusive schools Teacher(s): Giera & Hauser
  • Colloquium of German didactics in an inclusive context Teacher(s): Giera
  • Day internship in literature didactics (FTP) Teacher(s): Hauser
  • The Potsdam Didactic Model for Inclusive Teaching in the Practical Test - Accompanying Seminar in the Practical Semester (Giera)

As of now, the master's program for special education has been published. This will start in WiSe 2023/24 and allows a start in winter semester and summer semester. We look forward to having you join us.


Logo der inklusiven Deutschdidaktik
Source: Stefanie Zeise