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Research Project IV: Das Potsdamer Inklusionsdidaktische Unterrichtsmodell (The Inclusive Educational Model)

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How can inclusive teaching be planned, implemented and reflected upon by (future) teachers? All the multidisciplinary teachers can raise this question.  A working group at the Center for Teacher Education and Educational Research (ZeLB) is addressing this question and wants to develop a model for school practice. More than 60 researchers and students at the University of Potsdam have involved in the working group. Their meetings take place once a month. Additional workshops will be held on the 5th of July 2022 and the 12th of November 2022 at the University of Potsdam.

Interested staff members of teacher education, undergraduates of Education, all the members of teacher training programs as well as teachers are welcome. 



Prof. Dr. Winnie-Karen Giera