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Cooperation with Extracurricular Institutions: Projects

Stop Bullying! A Theater Project

The play "Alone! School as a Crime Scene" does not only show the depressing situation of the bullied Lotta, but it also shows the difficult path between peer pressure and clique friendship and poses the question of "real" and "false" friendships (quote from the playwright Claudia Kumpfe).

We are pleased to offer a workshop on the play "Alone! School as a Crime Scene", which deals with the topic of anti-bullying during the summer holidays. It is a play for at least ten young people.

Fair Debating and Written Argumentation

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a workshop for young people on the project "Fair Debating and Written Argumentation" in cooperation with the "Stadtbibliothek Potsdam" during the summer holidays. 

Are you interested? Please get in touch with us!

Application Day

Are your students still looking for an apprenticeship or internship? The first step into the professional world is best taken with good preparation. A convincing application portfolio is a ticket to an internship or apprenticeship.

We are pleased to be able to offer a project on this topic during the summer holidays. Are you interested? Please contact us!