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Reconnected - Interviews with Research Alumni

Weltkarte mit Pins der Research Alumni aus UP Reconnect
Photo: ZIM
In 2023, twelve international research alumni from countries including Brazil, Iraq, New Zealand and Ghana returned to the University of Potsdam for a short stay with UP Reconnect.

With the "UP Reconnect" funding program, Potsdam researchers have been able to invite their international research alumni back to the University of Potsdam for a short stay since 2023. The stay is intended to initiate joint activities and collaborations (e.g. research projects and publications) or continue existing projects. The funding takes place within the framework of the Research Alumni Program, which was founded in 2022 at the University of Potsdam by the Alumni Program in close cooperation with the International Office.

In the "NAME" interview series, we would like to introduce you to our research alumni - find out what inspires them about their research and what exciting experiences they have had during their renewed stay at the University of Potsdam.

Sami AL-Hasnawi

Sami Al-Hasnawi from Iraq

Sami Al-Hasnawi studied Applied Linguistics and works as an Assistant Professor of English Language Teaching at the Al-Qadisiyah University.

Maximiliano Ujevic Tonino

Maximiliano Ujevic Tonino from Brazil

Maximiliano Ujevic Tonino is professor at the Federal University of the ABC in Santo André/Brazil, where he works in the area of Mathematical Physics.

Mareen Grillenberger from Switzerland

Mareen Grillenberger studied at the UP and is now professor at the PHSZ and HSLU in Switzerland.

Gerd Mittelstädt from New Zealand

Gerd Mittelstädt is Alumnus of the UP and works now as a scientist at the Ferrier Research Institute in Wellington, New Zealand.

Abir Jemai from Tunesia

Abir Jemai is PhD student at the Tunis El Manar University in the field of geoscience and is currently working on her thesis in collaboration with the UP.

Pierre Clavier from France

Pierre Clavier is a mathematical physicist and works as an assistant professor at the Univeristé de Hauta Alsace in Mulhouse, France.

Víctor Hugo García

Víctor Hugo García from Peru

Víctor Hugo García did his doctorate in Geological Sciences at the UBA in Argentina and works as an Assistant Professor at the PUCP in Peru since 2023.

Charles Ofosu Marfo

Charles Ofosu Marfo from Ghana

Charles Ofosu Marfo is Associate Professor at the KNUST in Kumasi, Ghana, and does research in various aspects of language and linguistics.

Historic annex of the Neues Palais, which today houses parts of the University of Potsdam.

UP Reconnect - return grant

The funding program enables Potsdam scientists to invite their international research alumni back to the University of Potsdam for a short stay.