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Bachelor's Program and Thesis

Bachelor's Program

Since the summer semester 2019 the Chair of Inequality Research and Social Stratification Analysis offers various courses in the modules "Introduction to Social Structure Analysis", "Social Structures in Comparison" and "Sociological Theory: Social Structures and Social Processes" in the bachelor's program. For current courses in the bachelor's program look here - former courses here.

In the following you will find information regarding said modules and everything you need to know about writing a bachelor's thesis at the Chair of Inequality Research and Social Stratification Analysis.


The Chair for Inequality Research and Social Stratification Analysis offers courses in the following bachelor's modules:

  • Module BBMSOZ510: Introduction to the Analysis of Social Structures
  • Module BVMSOZ510: Social Structures by Comparison
  • Module BVMSOZ710: Social Structures and Social Processes
  • Module BKOSOZ110: Bachelor Colloquium
  • Modul BVMSOZ420: Social Inequality, Gender, Social Mobility
  • Modul BVMSOZ900: Specialization Module
  • Modul BBMSOZ700: Advanced Qualitative Methods

Your study regulation indicates which modules you can or have to attend. You can find your study regulation here and the module catalog of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences here.

Bachelor's Thesis

At the end of your bachelor's program you are expected to deliver a final project.

Keep in mind that the topic for your bachelor's thesis at the Chair of Inequality Research and Social Stratification Analysis should be relevant to the field of sociology. We furthermore advise you to choose a topic you are interested in.

Please start with reading the guidelines linked below. Once you have read the guidelines, contact the Chair's secretariat (Annett Wadewitz ► sozialstrukturuni-potsdamde) to make an appointment for a first meeting.

Regarding appointments - please note the following rules:

There will be no colloquium this semester. For students in their last semester, a PULS course can be enroled in, so they can attain the needed LP/ECTS. Counseling will happen during the consultation hours of Prof. Verwiebe, not in weekly group sessions.
Appointments with Prof. Verwiebe can be made through the moodle course "Sprechstundenkoordination Prof. Verwiebe". Please ask the Chair's assistant for the password.
Appointments with other staff members can be made directly with them.
This summer semester, all theses will be counseled by Dr. Fritsch and Prof. Verwiebe.