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Frau Porträt
Photo: Sandra Scholz

Licia Bobzien, Dr.

research Associate

Phone:                       + 49 331 977 3471
Fax:                                 + 49 331 977 3261
E-Mail:                         bobzienuni-potsdamde
Address:                    Campus Griebnitzsee, H.1, R. 1.57
                                           August-Bebel-Straße 89, 14482 Potsdam

Profiles:                    Google Scholar | Homepage | Twitter


Frau Porträt
Photo: Sandra Scholz

Licia Bobzien is a Research Associate at the Chair of "Social Structure Analysis and Social Inequality at the University of Potsdam and in the project 'Cohesion in Europe - Perception and Field of Action (PerzepEU)' at the Hertie School, Berlin. Her research lies at the intersection of sociology and political science and is primarily concerned with the ways in which perceived economic inequalities (i.e. income and wealth inequality) influence political preferences and attitudes.