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Former Colleagues

  • Marie-Theres Hesse, B.A. (research assistant) 
  • Luna Schlender (research assistant)
  • Jan-Paul Möller (research assistant)
  • Dr. Lena Seewann (research associate, still available at seewannuni-potsdamde)
  • Janine Voigt (intern with the Chair's assistant)
  • Arvid Becker, M.A. (research associate)
  • Michelle Noé-Nordberg, M.A. (research assistant)
  • Nader Hotait, M.A. (research associate, currently at the Humboldt University of Berlin, more here)
  • Licia Bobzien, M.A. (research associate, currently at the Hertie School, more here)
  • Bernd Liedl, B.A. B.A. (research assistant, currently at the University of Vienna, more here)
  • Jan-Henrik Böhm de Camargo (research assistant)