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Innovation through crisis

"Innovation through Crisis" is a digital conference for administrators* that took place on December 4, 2020.

The Corona crisis led to a seemingly rapid catch-up of the German administration's digital backlog. Processes were digitized on an ad-hoc basis, many employees worked from their home offices, and interaction with citizens took place digitally. Technically and culturally, innovations were possible that had long been considered impossible.

On December 4, we talked with public administration employees and managers about how they experienced the Corona crisis. In addition to individual inputs on previous scientific findings, problems were identified and solutions were developed from various perspectives within smaller workshop formats.

We were interested in the exact change that was immediately possible, whether new (digital) competencies were trained, how this new knowledge is now secured, and whether anything has changed in terms of open-mindedness towards digital working. Ultimately, we wanted to consider together: What do we learn from the developments in this crisis situation for the digitization of administration and change and learning processes in administration in general?

The following workshop topics were addressed:

  • Process digitization
  • Digital interaction with citizens
  • Digital work and leadership
  • Financial, human and technical resources
  • cooperation and consulting in networks
  • open workshop area