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Implementation of the E-File – Case Study by Anja Marx and Matthias Döring

"In this part, four selected cases highlight various facets of the digitalization of public administration. This third case study addresses the digital transformation of the administration and focuses on the ways in which administrative employees react from the perspective of change management and job crafting theory. [...] In the case study, the real implementation status of digitalization is exemplified by the introduction of the electronic file (e-file for short) in a city administration."

"The case study is based on the master's thesis by Anja Marx on the topic of 'Job Crafting in Public Administration - How Administrative Employees Deal with Changes in the Course of Digitization', which was prepared at the Chair of Public & Nonprofit Management at the University of Potsdam. The thesis is based on interviews with administrative employees of a smaller city in Germany. The interviewees came from different areas of the city administration and held different positions there."

Marx, Anja; Döring, Matthias (2021): Fallstudie 24: Job Crafting – das Perpetuum mobile der Digitalisierung der öffentlichen Verwaltung? In: Ritz, Adrian; Blankart, Carl Rudolf; Jacobs, Claus D.; Lienhard, Andreas; Radulescu, Doina; Sager, Fritz: Praxisfälle Public Management: Ein multidisziplinärer Ansatz mit konzeptionellen Bausteinen. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien. pp. 241-249. DOI