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Gruppenfoto Mit dem Justizminister Buschmann

Handover of the NKR Annual Report 2022 to Federal Minister of Justice Buschmann.

The report titled “Reducing bureaucracy at historical turning point” calls for a new start in reducing bureaucracy and digitalizing administration.

Article in Edward Elgar "Handbook for Local and Regional Governance" (Kuhlmann/Marienfeldt)

The authors compare local governance systems and reforms in Europe and argue that Digital Era Governance (after NPM) represents another int. mega-trend in administrative reform.

Interview with Prof. Kuhlmann in the ARD podcast "Energy crisis and now?" - From minute 20:00

Prof. Kuhlmann talks about the German regulatory and administrative culture and its effects on current relief legislation and ventures an outlook into the future of lawmaking in Germany.

Prof. Kuhlmann at Schöneberger Forum: Symposium for public service employees

The 300 participants from trade unions, practice and science discussed current developments in the public service. Prof. Kuhlmann was part of the panel discussion in the plenum.

Teilnehmer der Diskussion

Digitilization "below" dinosaurs? Event report on panel discussion

Among others, Prof. Kuhlmann, Prof. Proeller from UP, Prof. Steiner from ZHAW Zurich and the former mayor of Berlin Müller discussed the state of digitalization in Germany and Switzerland.

Prof. Kuhlmann at expert discussion at the University of Potsdam on science in crisis mode

"The art is to perpetuate ideas and solution approaches outside the crisis and to actually put them into practice" Prof Kuhlmann summed up on the influence of science on politics.

Representatives of the University of Potsdam at "Zürich Meets Berlin" at the Berlin Science Week

Prof. Kuhlmann speaks on "Digitization of Public Administrations." Prof. Proeller moderates the discussion with guests from politics/administration. More info here and registration is available here.

Essay by Prof. Kuhlmann published in "Handbook of the Politics of Public Administration"

In her contribution to the Handbook, published by Edward Elgar, she examines the influence of political-administrative actors on the design of administrative reforms.

Vorsitzende der NKR

Regulatory Control Councils see a special duty to reduce bureaucracy in times of crisis

As NKR-member, Prof. Kuhlmann took part in the first joint meeting of the National Regulatory Control Councils. A joint statement makes five demands for better regulation and bureaucracy reduction.

"Policy Advice is working at borders": Interview with Prof. Kuhlmann in "News from the UP".

Prof. Kuhlmann talks about her work in the National Regulatory Control Council and explains how she deals with the challenges of scientific policy advice.

Presentation of current research results at the EGPA Conference 2022 in Lisbon

In addition to Prof Kuhlmann, all PhD students of the chair participated and presented research results on topics such as administrative digitilization, migration management and climate governance.

New monograph published "The Capacity of Local Governments in Europe" (Kuhlmann/Dumas/Heuberger)

The book analyzes the capacity of local governments in European countries (France, Italy, UK, Sweden, Hungary, Poland) and compares competencies, autonomy, reform trends and financing.

Article by Kuhlmann/Hellström/Ramberg/Reiter belongs to most cited IRAS articles in the last 3 years

The article is part of the International Review of Administrative Science Special Issue on a cross-country comparison of Covid Governance ed. by Kuhlmann, Bouckaert, Galli, Reiter and Van Hecke 2021.

Statement by Prof. Kuhlmann at the Climate Change Center Berlin Brandenburg

Kuhlmann explains administrative challenges of the Berlin-Brandenburg area in climate protection. It is part of an int. comp. study by Kuhlmann/Schuppert on climate strategies in metropolitan areas.

Tomás Vellani at Morgenstadt Data Conference 2022 in Lemgo on May 19

At the conference organized by Fraunhofer IOSB-INA and IAO, Mr. Vellani spoke about "Successful organizational governance for digital transformation: lessons from three medium-sized cities".

Chair team says goodbye to long-time research associate Moritz Heuberger

Moritz assisted research & teaching since 2017. After completing his PhD, he is moving to Interior Ministry to advance digital administration. We wish him all the best personally and professionally.

New Project on the Digital Transformation at the Local Tier of Government in Europe (DIGILOG)

The project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the DFG with €1.1 million and will run until 2025. Prof. Kuhlmann and Justine Marienfeldt are responsible at the Chair.

Ms Kuhlmann at Israel Political Science Association Annual Conference at the University of Haifa

Prof. Kuhlmann gives the key note on "Germany's Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Crisis Governance in the Multilevel System" at the conference. Listen to her presentation here (from min. 30)

Prof. Kuhlmann appointed to the city of Potsdam's Digitization Council

The members appointed to the city of Potsdam's Digitization Council met for their first meeting with mayor Mike Schubert on April 8. The council will advise the city on its digital strategy.

Federal Cabinet confirms third NKR mandate for Sabine Kuhlmann

Ms. Kuhlmann will once again serve as member of the National Regulatory Control Council (NKR) for another 5 years, advising federal government on better regulation and effective bureaucracy reduction.

Foto mit Schriftzug Verwaltungsmodernisierung

Ms. Kuhlmann as guest in the 10th episode of Stadtrederei "Raus aus dem Silodenken". From min. 11:30

The podcast, which is a project of the Institute for Urban Development and Housing with Christine Grüger and Fee Thissen, focuses in the 10th episode on how the administration should change.

Sabine Kuhlmann on March 25, 2022 as panel discussant at LMUDigiTax conference.

Prof. Kuhlmann participated as a panelist at a conference of the Zentrum für Digitalisierung des Steuerrechts at LMU. You can view the program by clicking here.

Nutzer am Laptop und Smartphone

Sabine Kuhlmann on Nov. 11 in the Podcast NDR Info Hintergrund

Topic of episode is „Die digitale Stadt – Wie sich die Verwaltung transformiert“. In her contribution, Sabine Kuhlmann criticizes the lack of standards in administrative digitalization. From Min. 15

Ms. Kuhlmann participates in panel discussion at 63rd dbb annual conference on Jan. 10 in Berlin.

In a panel on the modern state, Sabine Kuhlmann, in her capacity as acting chair of the NKR, discusses with Dr. Gerd Landsberg (chief executive of the DStGB) and Ulrich Silberbach (dbb), among others.

Beispielansicht Berlin

Article on problem pressure in Berlin's administration published - web.de interviews Sabine Kuhlmann

In the article published on Oct. 25, the professor explains the reasons for the excessive pressures that Berlin's administration faces.

Beispielbild Digitalisierung

New project with University of Bochum on the digitalization of the administration

The project looks at the transformations in the public administration as a result of digitalization and automation and analyzes the effects on employees and administrative processes.

Sample foto of a mid-size city

Sabine Kuhlmann & Tomás Vellani in an interview by UP magazine Portal Wissen, issue 2/2021, page 34

The interview introduces the Bosch Stiftung-funded graduate college "Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt". Mr. Vellani is working on the digital transformation of medium-sized cities.

Sample picture: Network of figures

Viewpoint in Public Governance Magazine "Corona: Stress Test for the State", Issue Summer 2021 p. 12

In the viewpoint article, the Advisory Board of the Institute for the Public Sector, on which Sabine Kuhlmann serves, takes a position on federal administrative management in the COVID-19 crisis.

sample picture: E-Government

Publication by Justine Marienfeldt published in International Journal of Public Sector Management

This study aims to explore under which institutional and organizational conditions the national e-government reform efforts of EU member states lead to very high availability of e-services.

Beispielbild Hängeregister

Sabine Kuhlmann gives Handelsblatt interview about digitalization of the administration on Aug. 10

In the interview Ms. Kuhlmann expresses doubts about the timetable for implementing the Online Access Act and argues in favor of the creation of an agile digitization agency based on the Danish model.

Sabine Kuhlmann im Erfurter Landtag

Prof. Kuhlmann at conference in Thuringian state parliament to mark 20th anniversary of Ombudsperson

On July 13, the Ombudsman Dr. Herzberg invited to a symposium on occasion of the anniversary. Ms. Kuhlmann emphasized importance of ombudsperson as intermediary between administration and citizens.

Person writing thesis

Please note: form for thesis registration online

If you are interested in having your thesis supervised by a member of the chair, you can register now by filling out a form on the homepage (including a thesis proposal).

Tomás Vellani auf 7. Hochschultag

Sabine Kuhlmann & Tomás Vellani at 7. Hochschultag der Nationalen Stadtentwicklungspolitik in Berlin

The topic of the event was "planning for future - shaping transformation". It took place on June 4/5 and was organized by the BMI and the Deutschen Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung e.V.

College "Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt"

Tomás Vellani at college „Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt“ in Aachen from July 6-9, 2021

The PhD students of the interdisciplinary college „Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt“ met for another retreat in Aachen. For further information, go to the project’s website.

Sabine Kuhlmann bei virtueller Fachtagung von UN DESA und KRILA

Prof Kuhlmann at conference of UN DESA and Korea Research Institute for Local Administration (KRILA)

Sabine Kuhlmann spoke about "Strengthening Public Governance of Local Government: Lessons from the Covid-19-Crisis". Well-known experts, such as Past President of IIAS, Pan Suk Kim, participated.

Beispielbild Daten

Expert opinion on behalf of the BMBF: Data as basis for scientific policy consulting

Prof. Kuhlmann and colleagues conducted an empirical study on the role of data as basis for scientific policy consulting using the example of the COVID-19 crisis and presented an expert opinion.

IRAS Book cover

Congratulations! Record high impact factor for International Review of Administrative Science

The journal, where Sabine Kuhlmann is Deputy Editor, achieved its highest ever impact factor of 3.094 and is now ranked 18 out of 47 in the Public Administration category.

Deutscher Personalräte Preis 2021

Sabine Kuhlmann participates in jury for nomination for the Deutscher Personalräte Preis 2021

Out of nearly 40 applications, 9 staff council committees were nominated for the prize, which is awarded by the Bund-Verlag. The awards ceremony takes place on Nov. 3 in Berlin at Schöneberger Forum.

Sabine Kuhlmann at panel discussion with Christian Lindner

Ms Kuhlmann at panel with FDP leader Lindner on "Deutschland Beschleuniger Moderner Staat" June, 23

Topics of the panel, where Lindner and NRW digital minister Pinkwarth participated, were state and administrative reform and necessary acceleration in digital transformation.

Digitalization of the administration

Article by Sabine Kuhlmann and Moritz Heuberger in the journal "Public Money and Management"

In the article, the authors address the reasons for the poor implementation of administrative digitalization at the municipal level in Germany and focus in particular on employees and citizens.


"Da koordiniert man sich zu Tode": Interview with Sabine Kuhlmann published on ZDFheute on May 7

In the interview, Sabine Kuhlmann talks about deficits in the digitalization of German administrations, excessive bureaucracy in the pandemic, and lacking but necessary administrative pragmatism.


Sabine Kuhlmann guest in the podcast Ein neuer Tag by Berliner Rundfunk presenter Simone Panteleit

In the episode from May 19 on the topic of Germany’s digital deficiencies, Sabine Kuhlmann talks about the hurdles in cutting red tape, slow digitalization and why she remains confident nonetheless.


Article on schools in the Covid-19 crisis published – ZDFheute interviews Sabine Kuhlmann

In a ZDFheute article published May 5, Prof. Kuhlmann emphasizes the urgent need to reduce bureaucracy in application and approval procedures so that investments in schools are approved more quickly.

SDG 16 conference

Prof. Kuhlmann as guest at the SDG 16 conference of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

On April 28, Sabine Kuhlmann participated in a panel discussion where she discussed with experts the preliminary lessons learned from the response of public institutions to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bürokratie Beispielsbild

Sabine Kuhlmann as guest on Deutschlandfunk Kultur

On 9.4. Sabine Kuhlmann gave an interview regarding the role of bureaucracy and the reduction of bureaucracy, specifically using the example of planning and approval procedures.


Website of the project "Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt" online

In the graduate college, which is funded by the Bosch Foundation, scientists conduct research on transformations in medium-sized cities. Tomás Vellani's project focuses on digital transformation.

IRAS cover

“Opportunity management of the COVID-19 pandemic” published in IRAS

The IRAS article (Kuhlmann/Bouckaert/Galli/Reiter/Van Hecke) examines the COVID-19 pandemic as a window of opportunity for policy and management in a global perspective.

example image covid19-virus

Article by Sabine Kuhlmann published in Local Government Studies

The article appeared "Multi-level responses to COVID-19: crisis coordination in Germany from an intergovernmental perspective" in Local Government Studies.

The Future of Local Self-Government

"The Future of Local Self-Government" available to members of the University of Potsdam.

Members of the University of Potsdam can now download the book "The Future of Local Self-Government" (ed. Bergström, Franzke, Kuhlmann, and Wayenberg) as an eBook via the library's website.

Local Integration of Migrants Policy

"Local Integration of Migrants Policy" available for members of the University of Potsdam.

Members of the University of Potsdam will soon be able to download the book "Local Integration of Migrants Policy" (ed. Franzke, Ruano de la Fuente) as an eBook via the library's website

Cover: Managing the Covid-19-Crisis

Potsdam's Contribution to the Evaluation of the Danish COVID-19 Strategy

For the evaluation of the Danish COVID-19 strategy initiated by the Danish parliament, Sabine Kuhlmann and Jochen Franzke contributed an analysis of the German Covid-19 governance.

Cover Prefects, Governors and Commissioners

New volume on prefects and territorial executives in Europe published

Jörg Bogumil and Sabine Kuhlmann contributed a chapter on executive actors and leadership structures of territorial administration at the state and local levels in Germany to this volume.

Cover: Handbook of Research Methods in Public Administration

"Handbook of Research Methods in Public Administration, Management and Policy" published

In their contribution on "Comparative methods in PA - the value of looking around" Sabine Kuhlmann and Markus Seyfried present analytical concepts and methods of comparative administrative research.

Book cover "The Future of Local Self-Government"

"The Future of Local Self-Government" published

The book (eds. Bergström/Franzke/Kuhlmann/Wayenberg; Palgrave) presents new research findings on the challenges of local government in various European countries.

Cover of the newly published book: Good Public Governance in a Global Pandemic

"Good Public Governance in a Global Pandemic" published

At the IIAS Annual Conference, Sabine Kuhlmann presented a paper on "Between Unity and Variety: Germany's Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic" from the newly published book.

Study "Local Governments"

Study "Local Governments’ Capacity to Act: A European Comparison" published

In the study commissioned by the Bundesinstitut für Bau-,Stadt und Raumforschung (BBSR) Prof. Sabine Kuhlmann, Benoît Dumas and Moritz Heuberger compare the local self-government in Europe.

Public Administration in Germany

"Public Administration in Germany" published

The book (eds. Kuhlmann/Proeller/Schimanke/Ziekow; Palgrave) provides the international audience with a comprehensive overview of basic institutions and reforms of the German administration.

Conference on Better Regulation

Conference on Better Regulation under the German Presidency of the Council

On 3 November, Federal Minister of Economics Altmaier opened the virtual conference on Better Regulation at EU level organized by the BMWi. Prof. Kuhlmann also spoke at this conference (1:05:00).

Handing over of the NKR Annual Report 2020

NKR Annual Report 2020 published

On 21 October, the National Regulatory Control Council, whose deputy chairperson is Sabine Kuhlmann, presented Chancellor Angela Merkel with its annual report 2020 "The Crisis as a Wake-Up Call".

A. Schurig Bessere Rechtsetzung

Successful doctorate by Antonia Schurig (Magna cum laude)

Congratulations to Antonia Schurig on completing her doctorate! The dissertation, supervised by Prof. Kuhlmann & Prof. Veit (University of Kassel), examines Better Regulation in a European comparison.

Logo of Lund University

2 October 2020: Sabine Kuhlmann gives lecture in Helsingborg

As part of her Hedda Andersson guest professorship, Sabine Kuhlmann gave a lecture on "The Digitalization of Local Public Services: Evidence from Germany".

Public Administration Review

European Coronationalism? A Hot Spot Governing a Pandemic Crisis

In the Public Administration Review S. Kuhlmann, G. Bouckaert, D. Galli, R. Reiter and S. van Hecke analyze the governance and administrative management of the COVID-19 crisis in a country comparison.

Prof. Sabine Kuhlmann Portrait

In Digital Insight Sabine Kuhlmann talks about digitalization and bureaucracy reduction

In an interview for Digital Insight, Prof. Sabine Kuhlmann discusses the question of how compatible the German administrative tradition is with digitalization.

Logo Kommune21

Local one-stop shops and administrative digitalization

The journal for digital administrative modernization, Kommune21, reports on the study on progress in the digitalization of local one-stop shops.

DAAD-Preisträger 2020 Juan Ceballos

DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements of international students goes to Juan Ceballos (MA NIA)

Sabine Kuhlmann nominated the committed Colombian, who studies the English programme National and International Administration and Policy, for the award.


The long and arduous road to the digital citizen's office

In a blog post published by the ÖFIT, Sabine Kuhlmann, Jörg Bogumil and Moritz Heuberger shed light on progress and obstacles to the digitalization of German local one-stop shops.


Digitalization of administration in times of Corona

In the Potsdam university magazine “Portal”, Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann speaks about changes in the digitalization of public administration in Germany induced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sabine Kuhlmann

Sabine Kuhlmann talks about devolution and decentralization in the podcast "Reasons to be Cheerful"

In a podcast by former Labour leader Ed Miliband and British radio presenter Geoff Lloyd, Prof. Sabine Kuhlmann spoke about her assessment of devolution and decentralization reforms.


Author's workshop: Digital Transformation in the Public Sector: From Design to Impact

On March 12, 2020, a workshop of our chair took place at the University of Potsdam for potential authors of the dms-Special Issue on the digital transformation of public administration.

Sabine Kuhlmann

Sabine Kuhlmann discusses the topic of bureaucracy in Germany on SWR2

Is the flood of regulations endangering Germany as a business location? How can democratic principles be reconciled with the interests of economy? Prof. Sabine Kuhlmann discussed these issues on SWR2.

Sabine Kuhlmann

Sabine Kuhlmann appointed to "Local Government Studies" Editorial Board

Local Governt Studies is one of the leading journals for the study of local politics, policy, public administration and governance. Prof. Sabine Kuhlmann was appointed in 2020 to the editorial board.

Sabine Kuhlmann being inducted as a National Academy of Public Administration Fellow.

Sabine Kuhlmann appointed as a NAPA-Fellow

At the 7. November 2019 Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann was appointed as the only European public administration scientist as a National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) Fellow.

Graduiertenkolleg Mittelstadt

Post-graduate Programme: Medium-sized Cities: Modernization and Participation

Call for tender for medium-sized cities and postgraduates: On behalf of the Robert Bosch Foundation apply now!


NKR annual report and expert opinion published

On 23 October 2019, the National Regulatory Control Council (NKR), whose Vice-Chairman is Prof. Kuhlmann, presented its 2019 Annual Report to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Logo dms

Call for Proposals - Digital Transformation in the Public Sector: From Design to Impact

Potential authors are invited to submit proposals for an interdisciplinary special issue on digital transformation in the public sector by 31 October 2019.

Universität Lund

Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann has been appointed guest professor in Lund

The University of Lund in Sweden has appointed Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann as "Holder of the Hedda Andersson Chair"


Study „Digitalization of local one-stop shops in Germany” will be published by Nomos soon

The Hans Böckler Foundation study "Digitalization of local one-stop shops in Germany", written by Sabine Kuhlmann, Christian Schwab, Jörg Bogumil and Sascha Gerber will soon be released by Nomos.

Creative Bureaucrecy Festival

Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann acted as speaker at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2019

At this year's Creative Bureaucracy Festival, organized by the German newspaper Tagesspiegel, Prof. Sabine Kuhlmann was a guest speaker on the topics of digitalization and the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann was elected NAPA Fellow

Together with 50 renowned scientists and top managers of public administration in the USA, Prof. Kuhlmann was elected Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA).


EGPA Conference 2019 in Belfast

EGPA Vice-President Prof. Kuhlmann and the staff of the Chair participated again this year in the conference of the European Group for Public Administration.

Please note older news in our archive.

Sabine Kuhlmann in der Paneldiskussion zur Verwaltung der Zukunft

Sabine Kuhlmann speaks about administration of the future at the congress "Digitaler Staat online"

On July 7, Sabine Kuhlmann was invited as a guest speaker to the online congress “Digitaler Staat” organized by Behörden Spiegel and dealing with the “Administration of the Future” (from min. 1:00:00)

To top

Prof. Kuhlmann at the RegWatchEurope meeting in Prague

At the Board Meeting of the Network of Independent Regulatory Impact Assessment Boards of Europe (RegWatch Europe - RWE) on 7.12.22, Prof. Kuhlmann participated as Vice-Chair of the National Regulatory Control Council (NKR). In addition to the host Regulatory Impact Assessment Board (RIAB) of the Czech Republic, the chairs of the standards control councils from Norway (NBRC), Denmark (DBRF), Finland (FCRIA), Sweden (SBRC), Netherlands (ATR) and UK (RPC) participated. The aim of the network is to compare experiences in improving national legislation as well as to work together for better regulation at the EU level.

Administrative Action in Crisis – Lecture at the German Section of the IIAS

Following an invitation by Prof. Dr. Veit Mehde, President of the German Section of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), Benoît Dumas presented results from research projects on the Corona crisis, most recently conducted under the direction of Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann and Prof. Dr. Jochen Franzke, at the annual meeting of the German Section. Under the title "Administrative Action in the Crisis - An Administrative Science Analysis", key findings from the BMBF-funded project "Data as the Basis of Scientific Policy Advice" and from the study "Governmental and Administrative Action in the COVID-19 Crisis", funded by the Wellcome Trust Foundation, were presented. The presentation and subsequent discussion focused, among other things, on the understanding of the role of politics and science advising politics as well as the role of crisis management structures.

Prof. Kuhlmann at C40 World Mayors Summit in Buenos Aires

The C40 is the most important global organization for coordinating climate policy at the local level. The C40 Mayors Summit gathers the highest representatives of over 97 cities, as well as diplomats and civil society, to discuss the future of climate change mitigation and adaptation at the local level.

The Municipality of Buenos Aires, this year's host, invited the Chair of Political Science, Administration and Organization and the Chair of Political Theory to present a study on the governance of climate strategies at the C40. This study was authored by Prof. Kuhlmann, Franziska Oehlert and Tomás Vellani, and Prof. Schuppert and Janina Walkenhorst of the Chair of Political Theory. The study is entitled "A comparison of the governance of climate strategies in metropolitan cities: the influence of local autonomy and administrative culture on governance type."

The workshop was developed jointly with the Buenos Aires City Council and the Universidad de San Martin (UNSAM). UNSAM is a cooperation partner of the UP. The results were presented in an event with researchers from UNSAM and in another event for students and the interested public.

The workshop took place as part of the preparatory module for a planned inter- and transdisciplinary climate research centre with the participation of the University of Potsdam - the Einstein Center Climate Change and Public Policy of Human Settlements (ECCC). You will find more information on the planned center ECCC here: https://www.climate-change.center/#open

An interview from UNSAM with Franziska Oehlert and Tomás Vellani can be found here.

Practical study published: "Citizen-oriented administration digital?"

In this practical study, Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann (University of Potsdam) and Prof. Dr. Jörg Bogumil (Ruhr University Bochum), together with Moritz Heuberger and Justine Marienfeldt (University of Potsdam), examine the implementation process of two digitalization projects as well as performance-related, organizational, personnel-related and participatory changes. The subject of the study is the internet-based vehicle registration (i-KfZ) in Ingolstadt and in the Elbe-Elster district of Brandenburg, as well as the digital pilot project ELFE (Einfache Leistungen für Eltern) in Bremen. One of the findings of the study is that the digitalization of individual administrative services has not yet led to the desired reduction in the workload for public administration employees. In addition, citizens do not make enough use of the services offered and there is a lack of digital services in many areas. The extent to which employees will benefit from the advantages of digitalization in the future depends to a large extent on the organizational, financial and (employment-) policy design of the digital transformation.

The short version of the study can be downloaded here and the long version here.


Sabine Kuhlmann and Desy Hariyati Daryono at the IIAS Conference 2022 in Rome

At the conference of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), Prof. Kuhlmann presented the current DIGILOG project (cooperation between the University of Potsdam and the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences). Here you can find the presentation slides. The paper can be download here.

Desy Hariyati Daryono from the University of Indonesia (Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Administrative Science) presented her ongoing PhD project. You can view the presentation slides here. Ms. Hariyati is doing her PhD externally at the chair of Prof. Kuhlmann on the topic of "Government Trust in Citizen and Participatory Policymaking for Ease of Doing Business".

Board Meeting of RegWatchEurope in Prague

On 9 June 2022, the Board Meeting of RegWatchEurope (RWE) took place in Prague under the auspices of the Czech Regulatory Impact Assessment Board (RIAB). Prof. Kuhlmann took part in the meeting as Vice Chair of the NKR. Other participants - apart from the RIAB President - were the respective Council Chairs from Norway (NBRC), Denmark (DBRF), Finland (FCRIA), Sweden (SBRC), the Netherlands (ATR) and the UK (RPC).

Article published by Kuhlmann, Franzke & Dumas in Public Organization Review

The article "Technocratic Decision-Making in Times of Crisis? The Use of Data for Scientific Policy Advice in Germany's COVID-19 Management" explores the role of data in scientific policy advice in the Corona crisis management, highlighting the significant data (use) gaps and role conflicts between scientists and decision-makers. It is based on a study conducted by Prof. Kuhlmann et al. on "Data as basis of scientific policy consulting", which you can download  here.

Click here for the open access version of the article in Public Organisation Review.

Local Government Studies

LGS Special Issue on Covid-19 published

The journal Local Government Studies (Taylor & Francis) published a Special Issue on "Intergovernmental relations and the pandemic: how European devolved governments responded to a public health crisis." Ms. Kuhlmann serves as guest editor along with Tomas Bergström, Martin Laffin, and Ellen Wayenberg. 

The articles from the Special Issue are available here:

Conference of College "Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt" from 11.7.-12.7. in Grimma

Under the motto "Mittendrin", the graduate college invites all interested persons to a large conference in the (medium-sized) city of Grimma. The PhD student of the chair, Tomás Vellani, who is writing his PhD thesis within the framework of the graduate college, will be available as a contact person at the e-mail address vellaniuni-potsdamde. The event is open to anyone interested in the topic. Administrative scientist Prof. Kuhlmann is one of six professors who are involved in the development and implementation of the graduate college and who are available to supervise the PhD theses.

Here you can find the invitation as well as the programme for the conference.

Bild von der EGPA-Website 2022

EGPA Conference September 2022 in Lisbon

From September 6 to 9, 2022, the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) conference will be held in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. The conference theme this year is: "Public Administration for the Sustainable Future of our Societies".
Together with Thomas Bergström (Lund University), Martin Laffin (Queen Mary University of London) and Ellen Wayenberg (University of Ghent), Ms. Kuhlmann will host the "Permanent Study Group IV: Regional and Local Governance". 
A call-for-papers invites researchers to submit articles. For more information on content requirements, topics, and important deadlines, please refer to this document.

Foto zu IIAS-Euromena Konferenz 2022

IIAS-EUROMENA Conference 2022 in Rome

The International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), whose Vice President for Europe Sabine Kuhlmann is, invites to a conference in Rome from June 27 to July 1, 2022. The theme of the conference is: "Next Generation Governance and young global public administration: mobilizing people, skills, energies for a sustainable new normal".

Together with EGPA President Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans and Fabienne Maron (IIAS Scientific Director & EGPA Executive Secretary), Ms. Kuhlmann will organize a track on "Institutional Setting of Territorial Governance and Citizens Engagement for a Sustainable Future". 

Through a call-for-papers, researchers are invited to submit papers and discussion pieces adressing the topic of this panel. More information can be found here

students with graduation hats

Important: New procedure for formal registration of theses

For Bachelor's and Master's theses, the departments have agreed on a new registration procedure with the examination board for the social sciences.

The schedule for the registration of Bachelor's theses in the social sciences can be found here.

The schedule for the registration of Master's theses can be found here

Please also note the form for topic assignment, which you can access here.

Beispielfoto Normenkontrollrat

Responsibility for NKR shifts from Chancellery to Federal Ministry of Justice

On January 12, 2022, the Federal Cabinet decided that responsibility for the National Regulatory Control Council (NKR) will move from the Federal Chancellery to the Federal Ministry of Justice. The change was due to an organizational decree issued by Chancellor Olaf Scholz in December 2021, which assigns the topics of better regulation and bureaucracy reduction to the Federal Ministry of Justice.

A press release can be found here and on the Homepage of the National Regulatory Control Council.

In her capacity as acting chair of the NKR, Sabine Kuhlmann positively emphasizes that the independent position of the National Regulatory Control Council will remain in place even after the amendment of the NKR Act. However, it is important that the topics of legislation, bureaucracy reduction and administrative modernization are still thought of as interdepartmental cross-cutting issues - even now that the NKR is no longer centrally located at the Federal Chancellery, but at the Ministry of Justice. With regards to the future, Prof. Kuhlmann emphasizes that the NKR's move to the Ministry of Justice must be used as an opportunity to unleash synergy effects. This is because the topics of bureaucracy reduction, better regulation and modern lawmaking can now be bundled and developed into a true center of lawmaking. The National Regulatory Control Council has a key role to play in this development.

Sabine Kuhlmann auf dem Forum Bellevue

Prof. Kuhlmann on Nov. 15 at „Forum Bellevue zur Zukunft der Demokratie“

As part of the series of events "Forum Bellevue zur Zukunft der Demokratie" , Prof. Kuhlmann took part in the 12th event at the invitation of the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The topic was "What can the state do? Lessons from the pandemic." 

Other guests included the chair of the German Ethics Council Prof. Dr. Alena Buyx, the legal scholar Prof. Dr. Laura Münkler, and the Green party politician and vice president of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament Aminata Touré.

Ms. Kuhlmann's contributions to the discussion can be found from minute 1:12:31 and 1:46:00.

Sample foto: echnical graphics against background of a city

Expert Report "Daten als Grundlage für wissenschaftliche Politikberatung"

Here you find the online publication of the report in the Universitätsverlag of the University of Potsdam

Sabine Kuhlmann, Jochen Franzke, Benoît Dumas and Moreen Heine have prepared the expert report "Daten als Grundlage für wissenschaftliche Politikberatung" (engl.: "Data as the basis for scientific policy advice") as part of the project team "Research and advice on crisis management in the COVID-19 pandemic" on the basis of funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Against the background of the Corona pandemic, the data basis of scientific policy advice is examined and related deficits, hurdles and weaknesses are identified. Building on this analysis of data generation, data use, and data sharing, eight clusters of recommended actions are developed to optimize data-based scientific policy advice in politics and administration, both institutionally and organizationally.

Click here for a more comprehensive overview of the project.

Here you can find the press release of the Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (idw).

Here you can find the expert report.

Handover of the NKR Annual Report 2021

Handover of NKR Annual Report to Chancellor & subsequent online panel discussion

On September 16, 2021, Sabine Kuhlmann, as Vice Chair of the National Regulatory Control Council: Nationaler Normenkontrollrat (NKR), participated in the handover of the NKR Annual Report 2021 entitled: "Future-oriented state - less bureaucracy, practical laws and efficient administration" to the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and moderated the subsequent online panel discussion on opportunities for integrating practical knowledge into legislative processes.

The NKR press release as well as a video of the handover of the Annual Report to the German Chancellor and the panel discussion can be found here. From minute 19:40 onwards, Sabine Kuhlmann moderates the panel discussion

The NKR Annual Report 2021 can be found here.

Here you find a notice by the press department of the University of Potsdam. 

EGPA conference

EGPA Conference 2021 in Brussels

After last year’s conference of the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) was held virtually due to the pandemic, this year, the organizers opted for a hybrid organizational form at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Against this background, the conference was all about the ability of public organizations to act in times of crisis.

Besides her role as co-chair of the Permanent Study Group V (PSG) Regional and Local Government, Sabine Kuhlmann, together with Jochen Franzke, contributed to the conference with a paper on crisis management of German authorities during the covid pandemic (“German Local Authorities Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic: Capacities and Autonomy under Stress”). Moritz Heuberger and Franziska Oehlert, research associates at the chair, participated in the conference with their contributions “Breaking the silos – explaining the challenges of automated cross-organizational service delivery in complex contexts” and “Governance of migrant integration – the role of the local level in integration policies in Germany, Sweden and France”. The latter is a working paper co-authored with Sabine Kuhlmann, Jörg Bogumil, Jonas Hafner and André Kastilan as part of a project on local integration management in Europe funded by Stiftung Mercator.

Screenshot of the session announcement from the Creative Bureaucracy Festival website

Prof. Kuhlmann gives statement on the relevance of the evaluate-first-principle

The statement on the topic of the session "„Re-Design ministerielle Gesetzesvorbereitung“ (engl.: "Re-Design ministerial preparation of legislation") of the Work4Germany project within the Creative Bureaucracy Festival includes the position of the NKR (Nationaler Normenkontrollrat) on the ex-ante as well as ex-post evaluation of current legislative processes and their possibilities for further development in the face of accelerated technological and societal change and increasing social and political polarization.
You can watch the whole session on the Creative Bureaucracy Festival website.
The video excerpt of Sabine Kuhlmann's statement can be found here.

Book cover Kommunale Handlungsfähigkeit im europäischen Vergleich

Kommunale Handlungsfähigkeit im europäischen Vergleich published in sigma series

Sabine Kuhlmann, Moritz Heuberger und Benoît Paul Dumas published the monograph Kommunale Handlungsfähigkeit im europäischen Vergleich in the series „Modernisierung des Öffentlichen Sektors“ (sigma series,  Nomos-Verlag). The book is based on a study that was conducted on behalf of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) at the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR). It is open access licensed and can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF from the publisher's homepage here . 

In their monograph, the authors examine how different models of local self-government in Europe influence the municipalities' ability to act and to shape in the context of specific administrative cultures. The authors also formulate recommendations for action on how municipal structures can be made crisis-proof in order to better tackle future challenges.

A flyer can be found here.


National Regulatory Control Council publishes position paper

The National Regulatory Control Council (NKR), whose deputy chairwoman Sabine Kuhlmann is, published a high-profile position paper on June 24 under the title “Leistungsfähige Verwaltung – Zukunftsfester Staat. Empfehlungen für eine nachhaltige Modernisierung – in der Krise, wie im Alltag.“

In this paper, the experts formulate ten recommendations for action in order to make the state and its administration fit for the future and more able to tackle crises. One of the core demands is the establishment of an independent council of experts whose task it would be to deal with the structural issues relating to the modernization of the state and its administration. It is proposed that the council of experts be flanked by a system of audits and stress tests to improve the performance of public administration in normal operation as well as in crisis mode through constant evaluation. The position paper of the National Regulatory Council can be found here.  

Teilnehmende des Projekts Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt

Tomás Vellani at digital meeting of the college "Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt"

In April, the next meeting of the graduate college  "Mittelstadt als Mitmachstadt" took place with PhD students, professors, and the coordinator. On this occasion, the participants intensively discussed their individual research approaches, which were put down in abstracts . Following the lively working week, the participants will now put their projects into practice.  Follow all developments in the Logbuch.

Logo dms

Article by Moritz Heuberger published in dms

The new issue of the journal dms - der moderne Staat is published with the main focus on digital transformation in the public sector: from design to impact. Together with Dr. Caroline Fischer and Prof. Dr. Moreen Heine, this issue is edited by Moritz Heuberger. The issue contains seven articles on the impact of digitalization on public administration and the public sector. Among these articles, there is the introductory article, which is designed as a meta study and literature review and is also co-authored by Moritz Heuberger. The entire issue is accessible for free: https://www.budrich-journals.de/index.php/dms/issue/view/2807 


Contributions of PhD Students to the FoJuS Annual Conference 2021

This year's meeting of the Young State, Policy, and Administration Research (FoJuS) Forum of the Policy Analysis and Administrative Science Section of the German Political Science Association (DVPW) took place February 25-26, 2021. At the meeting, Ms. Marienfeldt, Mr. Heuberger and Mr. Vellani presented results from their dissertation projects as well as current research projects of the chair. 

The abstracts of the contributions can be read here:

Book cover Stadtforschung aktuell

Sabine Kuhlmann now co-editor of the Springer VS series Stadtforschung aktuell

Since May 2021, Sabine Kuhlmann, together with Hellmut Wollmann (HUB) and Jörg Bogumil (RUB), has been the editor of the publication series Stadtforschung aktuell, which has been published by Springer VS since the 1980s in cooperation with the DVPW working group "Local Policy Research" (LOPOFO) and now comprises more than 130 volumes. The series deals with topics from regional and local research and addresses a broad readership from academia and practice.

Klick here to download the flyer. 


A Research Agenda for Regional and Local Government: Chapter by Sabine Kuhlmann

A Research Agenda for Regional and Local Government (Edward Elgar), edited by Mark Callanan (Senior Lecturer, Whitaker School of Government and Management, Institute of Public Administration, Ireland) und John Loughlin (Fellow of Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford, Emeritus Fellow of St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge and Emeritus Professor of Politics, Cardiff University, UK) contains contributions from multitudinous researchers on reforms in regional and local governments worldwide. The chapter by Sabine Kuhlmann “Managerial reforms from a comparative perspective: European subnational governments in the post-New Public Management era” analyses (post-) NPM reforms in a cross-country comparison (among others UK, Germany, Sweden). Both the external relations between local governments and the private sector and internal managerial reforms as well as intended and unintended reform effects are examined. 

Klick here to download the flyer.

Public Administration in Germany

NOW NEW: "Public Administration in Germany" published


"Public Administration in Germany" was published February 28, 2021 Open-Access (ed. by Sabine Kuhlmann, Isabella Proeller, Dieter Schimanke, Jan Ziekow; Palgrave; IIAS Governance and Public Management Series ).

Access the book here.

This book, produced in cooperation with the German Section of the IIAS, offers an up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of public administration and its reforms in Germany to an international reading public. It is intended to address the growing need for a relevant standard work on German public administration, which is increasingly being articulated in the international community of administrative researchers and practitioners. In addition to basic institutions of German public administration, the contributions deal with essential current reform approaches and the relationships between administration, society and the market, and derive lessons for international concept transfer.

Watch a video about the newly released book here.
For more information about the book, click here.

Artikel Welt

Interview der Zeitung Welt mit Sabine Kuhlmann

In the interview, Sabine Kuhlmann provides an insight into how the German administration is dealing with the Corona pandemic.

You can access the entire interview here.

IRAS Cover

IRAS Special Issue on COVID-19 Governance from an Intern. Perspective Published

On Jan. 6, 2021, the article authored by Sabine Kuhlmann, Mikael Hellström, Ulf Ramberg, and Renate Reiter appeared in the International Review of Administrative Sciences (online first).

Please find here the Special Issue with all articles for free download.
A more detailed overview about the different articles is provided on this page.
Download the chapter overview including the links (if available) here .
More information you can find here.

PAR - Cover

NEW: European Coronationalism? A Hot Spot Governing a Pandemic Crisis

Together with scholars from different European countries, Sabine Kuhlmann has contributed to the renowned international Journal Public Administration Review. In their article “European Coronationalism? A Hot Spot Governing a Pandemic Crisis” Sabine Kuhlmann, Geert Bouckaert and Steven van Hecke (KU Leuven), Davide Galli (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) and Renate Reiter (FernUni Hagen) discuss and compare the governance and administrative management of the COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium, Germany, France and Italy.

You can read the article here. Further information on public Administration Review can be found here.

Cover Future of Local Self-Government

NOW NEW: "The Future of Local Self-Government" published

The book "The Future of Local Self-Government. European Trends in Autonomy, Innovations and Central-Local Relations", edited by Tomas Bergström, Jochen Franzke, Sabine Kuhlmann and Ellen Wayenberg has been published in ebook and hardcover by Palgrave Macmillan.

This book is the outcome of the joint activities of the EGPA Permanent Study Groups IV "Local Governance and Democracy" and V "Regional and Local Government".
The contributions present research findings from eight countries (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK) on issues of local autonomy, democracy, functional and territorial reforms, as well as current digitalization approaches and post-NPM measures.
In addition, the intergovernmental interaction of (central) state, regional and local levels is addressed.

If you want to learn more about the book, click here.
You can also access the book directly here.

If you are a member of the University of Potsdam you can download the book from the library website of the University of Potsdam.

Sabine Kuhlmann

Sabine Kuhlmann at the IIAS-Conference: "Public Governance for Climate Action"

At the conference of the International Institute of Administrative Science (IIAS) ) , which took place Dec. 15 to Dec. 18, 2020 and also honored the 90th anniversary of IIAS, Sabine Kuhlmann presented the book"Public Administration in Germany", published in Free Open Access by Palgrave (ed. by Sabine Kuhlmann, Isabella Proeller, Dieter Schimanke, Jan Ziekow).
She also presented recent research on the governance of the COVID-19 pandemic using the German case as an example.
The research was published under the title: "Between Unity and Variety:Germany’s Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic" in the book "Good Public Governance in a Global Pandemic" (ed. by Joyce, Paul/Maron, Fabienne/Reddy).
Find a recording of the talk here.

Sabine Kuhlmann in Lund

Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann appointed visiting professor in Lund

Further information on the visiting professorship in Lund will be provided here.

post-graduate programme

Medium-sized Cities: Modernization and Participation

On behalf of the Robert Bosch Foundation, the team, consisting of RWTH Aachen University, the University of Stuttgart and the University of Potsdam developed a post-graduate programme for prospective development of smaller medium-sized cities. For more information click here.