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Book cover "The Future of Local Self-Government"
Photo: Palgrave Macmillan

"The Future of Local Self-Government" published

The book "The Future of Local Self-Government", edited by Tomas Bergström, Jochen Franzke, Sabine Kuhlmann and Ellen Wayenberg was published as ebook and hardcover by Palgrave Macmillan.

The anthology presents new research findings on the challenges of local governments in various European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries and Switzerland. Published in the book series "Palgrave Studies in Sub-National Governance", the volume also presents theoretical reflections on the further development and strengthening of local self-government.

In addition to Sabine Kuhlmann, Moritz Heuberger and Benoît Paul Dumas from the Chair of Political Science, Public Administration and Organization contributed to the anthology.

  • Chapter 8: The Digitalisation of Local Public Services. Evidence from the German Case (Sabine Kuhlmann and Jörg Bogumil)
  • Chapter 9: Challenges of Digital Service Provision for Local Governments from the Citizens' View: Comparing Citizens' Expectations and Their Experiences of Digital Service Provision (Moritz Heuberger and Christian Schwab)
  • Chapter 19: Reforms of School Supervision in the German Länder: Converging School Supervision Structures? (Benoît Paul Dumas)

The idea for this publication project was born during a conference of the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA). In a workshop at the University of Potsdam in July 2019, the participating authors exchanged their ideas and concretized these.

Members of the University of Potsdam can download the book free of charge via the website of the university library.

You can access the book here.
You can also download a flyer with information about the book here.

Book cover "The Future of Local Self-Government"
Photo: Palgrave Macmillan