International Comparative Analysis of COVID-19 Responses

Crisis Governance in a Multilevel System: German Public Administration coping with COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic hit all countries; however, national governments have responded differently to this global and external shock. In the course of a publication project by the scholars Myung-Jae Moon (Yonsei University) and Dong-Young Kim (KDI School of Public Policy and Management), Sabine Kuhlmann and Jochen Franzke (University of Potsdam) contribute to this project by providing insights into crisis governance in the German multilevel system.

In Germany, the sub-national, specifically local governments, have been key in the pandemic management and containment strategy. The authors will examine the major phases, institutional responses to the forecasted health emergency and economic downturn as well as on notable tensions in the multilevel system. Particular emphasis will be given to coordination mechanisms and collaboration patterns across levels and between interrelated policy sectors or task units.

Besides the different national responses to the crisis, the scholars from all parts of the world evaluate their country’s response and draw lessons from those experiences. The publication is due to be released at the end of May 2021.