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Registration of Thesis

If you are interested in having your thesis supervised by members of the Chair of Political Science, Public Administration and Organization, please fill out the following form. 

Please attach a thesis proposal (pdf) containing 1-2 pages, excluding literature.

 The thesis proposal must include the following points: 

  • Draft research question
  • Relevance of the topic
  • Literature (Articles from academic journals)

Optionally, the thesis proposal can already contain: 

  • Theoretical approach (Which theories, concepts, empirical results of political and administrative science are you going to refer to?)
  • Possible hypotheses 
  • Methodology and research design (data basis/case selection)
  • Structure of the paper/draft outline

Here you find information on the thesis supervisors of the chair and their research interests: 

Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuhlmann

Prof. habil. Dr. Jochen Franzke

Justine Marienfeldt (on request)

Liz Wehmeier

Niklas Peters


If you are planning to write a master's thesis, your first supervisor has to be a professor.
If you are planning to write a master's thesis, your second supervisor needs to have a PhD. Only in individual cases with prior agreement can research associates take on the second supervision.
Short overview on the chronological steps

Files: *.png, *.jpg, *.pdf and max. 10MB

Thesis proposal (as a pdf), 1-2 pages of text, plus literature
Bitte tragen Sie das Ergebnis der Rechenaufgabe in das Textfeld ein.