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"Tracing Divergence in Crisis Governance: Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in France, Germany and Sweden compared" published in IRAS Special Issue.

The article compares pandemic management in Germany, France, and Sweden and elaborates on how national institutional contexts and administrative cultures influenced pandemic-related policy and administrative decisions. Also it examines to what extent the crisis was used as a window of opportunity for broader changes (opportunity management).  

The paper is part of a Special Issue published by the International Review of Administrative Science (IRAS) on "Opportunity Management of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Testing the Crisis from a Global Perspective," which examines the governance of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, and China from an administrative science perspective.

Please find here the Special Issue with all articles for free download.
A more detailed overview is provided on this page.
In addition, you can download the chapter outline including the respective links (where available) here.

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Allan McConnell and Nicholas Bromfield

Public Governance, Agility, and Pandemics: A Case Study of the UK Response to COVID-19
Paul Joyce

Tracing divergence in crisis governance: Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in France, Germany and Sweden compared
Sabine Kuhlmann, Mikael Hellström, Ulf Ramberg and Renate Reiter

Intergovernmental veto points in crisis management: Italy and Spain facing Covid-19 pandemic
Salvador Parrado and Davide Galli

High-stakes crisis management in the Low countries: Comparing government responses to Covid-19
Valérie Pattyn, Joery Matthys and Steven Van Hecke

Impact Factor: 2,129 Understanding Drivers of Illiberal Entrenchment at Critical Junctures: Institutional Responses to COVID-19 in Hungary and Poland
György Hajnal, Iga Kender-Jeziorska and Éva Margit Kovács

Seeking Opportunities from Crisis? China's Governance Responses to Covid-19 Pandemic
Yijia Jing

Same Target but Different Responses: A Comparative Study of COVID-19 Responses in Korea and Japan
M. Jae Moon, Tae In Park, Kohei Suzuki, Kentaro Sakuwa

The Politics of Crisis Management by Regional and International Organizations in Fighting Against a Global Pandemic: The Member States at a Crossroads
Steven Van Hecke, Harald Fuhr and Wouter Wolfs

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