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Presentation of current research results at the EGPA Conference 2022 in Lisbon

This year's conference of the European Group for Public Administration was attended by Prof. Kuhlmann as Chair of the Permanent Study Group IV: Regional and Local Government, as well as all doctoral students of the chair and former researchers of the UP in the field of public administration. They presented research results, among others, on the digitization of public administration, migration management and climate governance.

Franziska Oehlert and Marie Catherine Reusch presented a co-authored paper with Prof. Kuhlmann on "Local governance of migrant integration in Sweden and France". Tomàs Vellani presented a comparative study on the relationship between administrative culture and climate governance ("A comparison of the governance of climate strategies in metropolitan cities: the influence of local autonomy and administrative culture on governance type"). This paper was written in collaboration with Franziska Oehlert and Janina Walkenhorst.

Justine Marienfeldt and Liz Wehmeier presented the paper "Phasing out the middle-level? The digitalization and automation of public administrative work". In this paper, the effects of digitalization and automation on the task fulfillment and job profiles of employees in advanced digitalization projects in Germany were examined.  It was produced in collaboration with Prof. Kuhlmann and Philipp Gräfe from the Ruhr University in Bochum.

Benoit Dumas presented a paper titled "Reforms of School Supervision Structures in the German Länder - effective or not?", in which he examines how effective the reform of school supervision structures in the German Länder has been.